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No offense intended, but...

I haven't been a member on here for all that long of a period of time, but I would like to point out some things that I have observed that some may be overlooking. I have visited the site a large ...
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What did you try?

Is it a good question to ask people what did they try? Where did they get stuck? Someone asks a question and someone else asks him/her what did you try? If the one who will answer sees that the one ...
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How to ask a good question.

How to ask a good question. This thread has advice on the following aspects of writing a good question on this site. Each item in this list links to an answer below about that specific aspect of ...
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"What have you tried?"...

Sometimes this "What have you tried" thing seems silly. Take this question [edit: question deleted/link broken] for example. It's obvious that one should try to do it by induction, but it's not the ...
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Is it a "rule" of Math Stack Exchange that when asking a question, it's **never** good just to state the question?

I recently asked the following question, and within 3 minutes it got 2 downvotes: Is there a set $A \subset [0,1]$ such that both $A$ and $[0,1] \setminus A$ intersect every positive-measure set? (...
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A criterion for distinguishing between two kinds of questions

Abstract: In which cases must a poster exhibit efforts to answer a question and in which does the content of the question itself suffice to provide context? It is often suggested that a question ...
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Homework, reasonable to have no clue?

In this post OP was asked to derive the Catalan numbers. I am not sure how to react. As posted, there was no background. OP showed no effort. If I were asked the question and had no clue how to ...
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How close a match we need to close a recurring question as a duplicate?

An hour ago I closed a question as a duplicate of an, in my opinion appropriate, generic question. Two gold badge holders have since expressed disagreement with my decision, and the question has since ...
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"Context" vs. "your work" redux

Recently, we (once again) discussed the practices of requiring context and asking for someone's work on a question. It has been quite an established principle these days that people ought to include ...
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How to make users follow a better etiquette?

We've all seen it. A question of a new user, copied from a problem book, 5 people answering it with one-liners within 10 minutes, the user saying maybe a "thankx" and either picking a best answer ...
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About demanding work from askers

I only found out about MSE around the end of my degree, so I didn't get to ask that many questions. However, had I known about it earlier, I could see myself wanting to ask questions, having thought ...
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"... including any attempts you have made to solve it."

Me again. Blind application of that criterion "ideally including any attempts you have made to solve it" just seems silly for some problems. Consider this question. Seems like an excellent question ...
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What have you tried? Is this homework? You will get more help if ...

It was fine/acceptable seeing occasional users receiving one/two line comments about appropriate tags, attempts, use of Latex etc. (I am not that old user though. But it was fine when I started.) It'...
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Voting to close after someone answered

I took 15 minutes to write an answer, nobody comments, asks for precision, instead they do vote to close because "it is unclear" ? I don't understand this attitude. I believe my answer explains in ...
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Overemphasis of context? [duplicate]

After collecting little experience in MSE, it appears to me that the demand for context might be overemphasised. That has two bad consequences: (1) If you are not only allowed but even required to ...
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