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List of Generalisations of Common Questions

Here is a list of generalised faqs to which other questions may be deduped against, split by topic (please edit the question). Arithmetic arithmetic Laws of signs (minus times minus is plus): Why is ...
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The duplicate thread

This thread is intended to help with closure of duplicates. The main use case are situations where a first attempt at duplicate closure was not successful.1 The creation of this thread was decided ...
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Can we stop the "Show your work craze"? [duplicate]

For some reason, it seems that more recently the users of this site have adopted the fashion of commenting things like "What have you tried?", "Show your work", etc. In almost every question for which ...
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Should duplicate questions be deleted?

Lately, I came across several suggestions for deletion of questions simply because they are duplicates. In my opinion: If the question is somehow a bad question, then it ought to be deleted, and so ...
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"Context" vs. "your work" redux

Recently, we (once again) discussed the practices of requiring context and asking for someone's work on a question. It has been quite an established principle these days that people ought to include ...
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Original post marked as duplicate

I was just asked to review a question that was posted in 2010, and that has now been closed as a duplicate of a more recent post (this was closed in favour of this). Is it normal and/or accepted for ...
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Whither the duplicate?

Ironically, I'll bet this question is a duplicate of other questions regarding duplicates, but I see little harm in sparking some new conversation here, even if we tread over old ground that many ...
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Why a question without showing any work is getting upvoted?

Very often here when a post does not show any work gets down voted to hell, this question is getting upvoted +5 without having shown any work. I have seen others people's post get downvoted severely ...
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Criteria for closing questions as duplicates

I recently came across this question which was closed as being a duplicate. When I read the linked source question, it was not a literal or even particularly specifically close duplicate, but in all ...
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Should questions about special cases of a more general problem be marked (closed) as duplicate?

While browsing new questions asked on this website, it is common to find some of them as duplicates of older ones, and it is then generally productive to indicate it as such, and redirect the OP to ...
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Advice on closing questions as duplicates

In a very recent question the OP had made considerable amount of progress in proving an inequality. The OP was only left to prove the inequality $x^2y+y^2z+z^2x\le \frac{4}{27}$. Myself knowing that ...
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Should questions ever be marked a duplicate of another duplicate?

Should questions ever be marked a duplicate of another duplicate question? Specifically, I'm looking at these three questions, each one marked as a duplicate of the next: ?+?+?=30 (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,...
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Notifications to participants are needed.

Two persons voted to close this question as "off topic" at a time when its entire content was this: In a graph model like wikipedia, with 5.4 million pages/nodes (a) and 20 links/edges per node (b),...
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What to do in case of unsuccessful duplicate close vote (or flag)?

Consider a situation when a user votes to close a question as duplicate (or flags it as a duplicate if they do not have sufficient rep to cast close votes), and then the post is not closed. If the ...
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Closing as a duplicate if the post contains OP's own proof/solution

It is generally agreed that good question should also indicate what the OP have tried. Many people do this and we receive many questions also contain the OP's attempted proof/solution for the question ...
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