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Downvoting for no stated reason is abusive

When I post a short simple answer to a posted question and someone downvotes it, they should be able to explain their objections if I so request. During the months I've been here, I don't recall that ...
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Can a down/up votes be accompanied by a comment?

Having been here for a while now, I understand the futility/meaninglessness of this question. Becoming accustomed to how this place works and how much and fast I have learned from the people here, I ...
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MSE is run by answerers. Is that a good or bad thing?

One of the things I've always found extremely ironic about MSE is that the people with the least experience in asking questions and who have perhaps the least perspective on what it's like to ask ...
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Downvotes on answers to 'poor' questions

I posted an answer to this question. My answer received a downvote, and when I asked them to justify it, another user commented that they guessed it was "based on belief that no one should waste their ...
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Reason for downvoting the answer.

This question is in accordance with the question that I answered yesterday. It was downvoted three times without any comment (even the pop-up displayed instructs to do so) of the users that what was ...
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Responding to imperfectly phrased questions

When a question is phrased in a way considered not suitable for m.s.e., often within seconds it collects numerous down-votes and votes to close. There's no way to know who down-voted, nor who voted ...
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Reason for Downvotes

I have an answer here: It just got an unexpected downvote but no one ever left a comment on why the downvote was casted, a comment was there but was ...
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Frustrating Down-votes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can a down/up votes be accompanied by a comment? I have been facing lot of trouble with the down-vote system, in the past people used to down-vote me as my english was poor, ...
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Premature close and down votes - how can we stop this? (+ my suggestion)

While I haven't been a part of MSE for too long, in my time I have been fairly active and seen a wide variety of questions. Obviously, the most common of these question have been homework-style ...
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The downvoting system is toxic. [duplicate]

I was told to ask here. Here I am! Does anyone else have the same feeling? Sometimes some questions are downvoted because it seems trivial. But to be honest, as a person first seeing some maths ...
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Are requests for proof reading written articles appropriate on MSE?

As I am learning new topics in mathematics, I would like to write web-based tutorial articles that demonstrate my knowledge so that others may perhaps benefit from what I have learnt. However, I am ...
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Why is it that people down vote an answer without even bothering to comment what is the problem? [closed]

Why is it that people down vote an answer without even bothering to comment what is the problem? On many cases I find that people down vote my answer and I am not able to figure out who has downvoted ...
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