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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2022 - today)

The purpose of this thread is to focus the attention of the community on posts that may require reopen and undeletion votes. A request should be posted as an answer below (one request per answer). ...
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Will a ban never be lifted permanently? [duplicate]

I am a new user in MathSE, and I had posted 2 questions, one of which I did not explain my working, and another which was a duplicate (my poor $\LaTeX$ is to blame for me not getting duplicates). I ...
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How do I get unblocked from answering questions? [duplicate]

I was blocked from answering questions and am wondering if and how I can get unblocked. If anybody knows how to do that please tell me.
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How can I resume asking questions on MSE? [duplicate]

I was banned from asking questions in MSE because of poor rated questions or closure and deletion of questions. For this, I read The MSE meta Questions related to this topic(specifically this I have ...
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How could I continue asking questions on Mathematics Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

I asked seven questions during two and and a half years of my account on Mathematics Stack Exchange. Before I raised each of them, I was researching the topic for tens or even for hundreds of hours. ...
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Asking and editing good questions, but still receiving more downvotes than upvotes [duplicate]

Not a duplicate of I have been banned from asking questions, what should I do? I edited and improved some Math StackExchange questions as much as possible, but I'm still receiving more downvotes than ...
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Is there a shorter and more opinionated version of "How to ask a good question?" that we can direct new users to?

The advice in how to ask a good question is good, but reading through the whole thing takes a while and, IMHO, requires some familiarity with the site to interpret. It also presents the reader with ...
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I haven't been around for a while; what are the new policies I need to know in order to use the site?

I haven't used this site for a while (years); just busy with other things. A screenshot of my rating chart I've constantly been on Stack Exchange, but seldom on Math.SE (and virtually never on Math....
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I don't like the way my current question was treated. [closed]

Update: the main post is reopened. I don’t like the way my last question was treated. All terms I used are standard and I got downvoted to -4 with no relevant answer.
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May I be able to post questions again I have read a bit on framing questions properly? [duplicate]

I know my one question received negative votes but I will try to maintain question level according to MSE. May I please be able to post questions?
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I would like to get out of question ban [duplicate]

I did my best to edit my questions and fix them up. I would like to get out of the ban I realize when I post I have trouble getting through to everyone and many times it comes back by biting me on the ...
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Should I delete my questions?

I am not concerned about reputation. I would like to be a useful contributor, and gain knowledge from interacting with mathematicians. I have no formal training. I posted 2 questions, learned a lot, ...
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What should one do to remove his ban? [duplicate]

I was banned from posting questions a few days ago I read the post related to that and I want to get back my right to question. What things should I do to remove my ban and how does removing a ban ...
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How can I get out of a question ban? [duplicate]

I have been put under a question ban, it says that I have reached my question limit so they're no longer accepting questions from my account. In order to get out of this question ban I had to answer ...