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Tag management 2016 [duplicate]

Since it is a new year and the old Tag Management question has already over 70 answers, it is time for a new Tag Management thread. Rules of the game are basically the same: Post your suggestion as ...
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(homework) tag should be deprecated (Voting's over! You won't believe what won!)

Note. After over one month of discussion, and more than one week of voting, I think the community has decided. Leave the tag alone: 43 upvotes (20.38%) Consider the tag deprecated, but do not remove ...
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Tag management 2019 [duplicate]

New year, new tag management thread. Rules of the game are basically the same: Post your suggestion as an answer here if you see A particularly bad tag (a rule of thumb: «if I can't imagine a ...
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FAQ for math.stackexchange

Right now, the faq only contains the boilerplate explanations of the stackoverflow engine, reputation levels, etc. This page serves as an index of other important support questions for the community. ...
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How to ask a homework question

How to ask a homework question Can I ask a homework question here? How do I ask a homework question on this website? What information should I include in a question about homework? Why don't you ...
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Fate of the (homework) tag: The community voted.... now what?

Well, the results of the voting seem pretty conclusive: Leave homework alone: 43 upvotes (20.38%) Deprecate but don't delete homework: 12 upvotes (5.69%) Burninate and blacklist homework: ...
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Would a tag for "check-my-proof" questions be useful?

I am aware that it is probably better not to have too many meta-tags such as homework, soft-question, big-list or reference-request. Despite of this I'd like to ask other MSE users, whether they would ...
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A question on an answer made by a user who is no longer active

I saw an answer in a old thread that I do not understand. I made a comment yesterday asking the user to explain a particular step. But I realize now that the thread is old and the user is no longer ...
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Do we need (tricks) tag?

A tag named tricks has recently been created in this question. So far there is no tag wiki to indicate intended usage. Do we really need such a tag? It veers slightly towards meta tags, which are ...
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Do we really need the (spoj) tag?

On main we have the spoj tag, which after some googling seems to refer to a certain online grading/contest website (I must admit it is not entirely clear what the mission of the website is from a ...
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I will be asking questions about a text that I will be going through, do I need to keep mentioning that?

I just started trying to read through Lectures on the Hyperreals: An Introduction to Nonstandard Analysis, by Robert Goldblatt. I expect to be asking a bunch of questions, including verification of ...
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Suggestion for "Hint-Only" Tag

For people who only want guidance in understanding how to approach the problem, as opposed to seeing a fully fleshed out solution. Would this tag be useful? Am new to this site, so don't want to ...
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About the [soft-question] and [big-list] tags

The folk coming from Math Overflow generally seem keen to bring across the practice that: Questions that don't look like they will have a single, correct answer should be tagged either [soft-question]...
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(proof-explanation) tag

I have noticed proof-explanation among the new tags. Although the name of the tag sounds reasonable and it seems to be self-explanatory, I am not sure whether we need a new meta-tag. So I wanted to ...
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Differences in [homework] policy to SE Network

I was reading around the extensive topic minefield of homework policy in order to come to better understand the community's attitude (not provoked by anything in particular), and came across a ...
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