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Tag management 2023-present

New year, new tag management thread. Rules of the game are basically the same: Post your suggestion as an answer here if you see A particularly bad tag (a rule of thumb: “if I can't imagine a person ...
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How to differentiate between (elementary-number-theory) and (number-theory)

The tags elementary-number-theory and number-theory have been recently mentioned in this question: There are 1,732 questions tagged both elementary-number-theory and number-theory However, in that ...
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About extending the tag system to answers, too

Recently, I gave a solution to a complex analysis problem that avoided the standard complex analytic tools, but relied on a property of the modified Bessel function of the first kind. I bet this ...
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Should questions on (matrices) and (matrix-equations) be also tagged as (linear-algebra)?

Recently the following text was added to linear algebra tag-excerpt: For questions specifically concerning matrices, use the (matrices) tag. For questions specifically concerning matrix equations, ...
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Which (if any) inequalities with real numbers should have separate tags?

There are certainly many inequalities which are rather important and useful and which appear frequently in various areas in mathematics (AM-GM, Jensen, Cauchy-Schwarz, etc.) The question I want to ask ...
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Should I change the tag to the correct one, even if the asker does not know the topic?

See this question: Question on the notation $ds^2=dx^2+dy^2$ : what does it really mean? The question is really about differential geometry and metric tensor. The asker originally tagged the question ...
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Tag proposal: mean-value-theorem

A search result for Mean Value Theorem gives us 2715 results, and results on the page are like ones I think we can include in the tag. The theorem is an important result in calculus, and questions ...
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Is it okay to include a tag to get attention of a specific community?

Imagine a question fitting into tags z y and x, but you know (and mention) a special case might be answered by a certain field of mathematics which is included in tags w and v and you think people ...
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What tag to use

Question: Title: $x^x(\ln(x)+1)=b$ Body: I want to solve for $x$ and have tried solving it myself and used many algebraic calculators including wolfram alpha, and I could not get any answer from ...
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Should tags be added based on answers?

Should tags be added based on answers? The specific case I have in mind is that every once in a while I answer questions using inclusion-exclusion but the question doesn't refer to inclusion-...
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Use of (forcing) tag, where only (independence) or (consistency) questions are indicated

There is a forcing tag being placed on set theory questions that do not, a priori, have any connection to forcing arguments, such as: is statement A consistent with ZFC? is statement B independent ...
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Should I add a tag to somene else's question (to reflect the content of answers)?

I found a simple solution to sum a series with trigonometric functions by converting it into a telescoping sum, and posted an answer. However, the OP did not mention about telescoping in their ...
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Should we add tags in order to highlight techniques in an answer, that are not obviously related to the question? [duplicate]

Say you ask a question like this one, which you believe should just be a matter of some group theory, so tag using a couple of relevant group theory tags, but you get an answer which ends up using ...
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