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Not sure what happened! Strange TeX reaction in comment [duplicate]

I got a strange reaction to my TeX. And I cannot recover from it or delete the comment in the following post
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Signature of comment on a new line

This is a report about a problem which occurred in the comments to Double Integrals. user6312's comment contained some latex code. I guess he forgot to type a single $ sign with the effect that ...
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What to do about comments with broken MathJax?

Sometimes one comes across content that has MathJax that does not render correctly. When it is a post one can edit it. But what to do about comments that have MathJax that does not render correctly ...
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Should I flag comments, where long MathJax breaks page layout?

There were several posts mentioning that for various reason (mistake in the LaTeX-code, automatically inserted space) MathJax can break page layout: Formatting bug: long mathjax or code blocks break ...
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Formatting bug: long mathjax or code blocks break entire post or page

Long, broken MathJax expressions seem to break the formatting of all comments on a post, causing them to spill to far over to the right. In addition to making the comments hard to read, it can make ...
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How to repair a bad manipulation?

I've just posted a comment about the following question: $P(X)$ is locally compact if $X$ is? Unfortunately, I forgot a "dollar" somewhere, and the comment is unreadable. Moreover, this caused some ...
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My comments got stretched across the screen, and it won't allow me to edit or delete the comment either.

I must have added something in MathJax that caused my comment and subsequently caused previous comments to stretch across the page. I tried to hit "edit" or just delete the last comment but it doesn'...
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I broke Stackoverflow: HTML comments not editable. (sorry)

Edit this post describes a situation where I was unable to view the HTML artifact allowing me to edit or delete a comment in Chrome. First an apology, on breaking this question. I'm unable to edit ...
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comment trouble

I made a mistake in typing some MathJAX in a comment, and the mistake is such that I cannot edit or erase the comment(s). (Yes, I also duplicated the comment. Ugh.) How do I fix this?
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Cannot delete my own comment due to latex formatting?

Sorry if this is not the proper place to ask this question, but I cannot find related information from the help pages. I wrote a comment on this post giving some extended and related data to help ...
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I can't fix a comment with broken formatting

I can't fix the formatting in this comment (or even delete it and try again): How to formalize $\text{span}(S)=\{c_1v_1+\cdots+c_kv_k\mid v_1,~\cdots,~v_k\in S,~c_1,~\cdots,~c_k\in F\}$ rigorously in ...
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