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Can we please be more generous to elementary beginners?

This question: Given that $\arctan(1/5) + \arctan(1/8) = \arctan(1/p)$, how to find the value of $p$? (now deleted again) was originally closed as "off-topic". Here is the original title: ...
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List of chatrooms

This is a place where we could collect list of chat rooms associated with this site. There are several rooms which have potential to be useful if more users were aware of them or more users visited ...
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Mathematics StackExchange vs Mathoverflow

I was curious about the difference between Maths StackExchange (MSE) and Mathoverflow (MO), because it was never obvious to me. After a couple of minutes it became clear that MSE is aimed at anybody ...
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Why isn't more being done to avoid facilitating copy/paste homework questions?

I'm relatively new to this site, but I've noticed a disturbing trend during my time here: many of the questions are simply copy / pasted or even scanned and show little to no effort on the part of the ...
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How can we, as a community, reduce some of the tension on the site?

It feels like there's a lot of tension on this site, broadly about closing/downvoting/deleting questions. I am quite prolific in closing/downvoting/deleting questions myself because well...there's a ...
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Ideal onboarding for MathSE

As a community, we expect new users of the site to do a lot of work before making their first post (which is on average a new question). They have to make an account and sign up, be at least somewhat ...
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Would splitting the site into more elementary and more advanced questions help?

There were several discussions about possible solutions of large increase in quantity of questions; with too many rather elementary questions. The possibility of dividing the site so that there is one ...
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Where can I find questions I can answer as a high school student?

The question speaks mostly for itself. I'm currently doing high school and while I'm very interested in mathematics, I do not have the appropriate level to answer many questions. Complex Vector Fields,...
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Was I right to answer this question this thoroughly?

I'm looking at this question. I gave the answer that was accepted. Please bear in mind that, when I answered this question, it was a different edit. In particular, there were more parts to the ...
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What should be the role of *Welcome to MSE*?

When a constant stream of new users come to MSE and repeatedly flout policy, deluge the site with bad questions, write them as PSQs, post images instead of MathJax, then get them serially downvoted, ...
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Area 51 Proposal: Mathematical Challenges

Important Update: I am saddened to say that Math Challenges has been closed by the Community Moderator, Robert Cartaino (prematurely). I'd like to thank everyone who have participated in the past ...
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What are Triage and Help and Improvement review queue?

Recently the possibility of implementing triage on Mathematics Stack Exchange has been mentioned a few times both here on meta and in chat. (Perhaps most prominently in an answer from one of the ...
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Should there be a community for math contests?

On occasion, there are posts related to math contests and olympiads on, and there is a contests tag well. I was thinking recently about whether it would be appropriate for there to be a ...
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Proposal: Onboarding process

I propose that MSE introduces an onboarding process for new users. Problem statement: Too many PSQ's & MSE used as a homework-completion site Growing resentment of "rep-farming" Conflict between ...
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Should questions from "newbie" users be put "On-Hold" by default?

An ongoing discussion asks "What can we do about the tension on this site?. As I see it, some of the tension exists because there are (at least) three groups of users here that all want very ...
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