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Tag merging and synonyms [closed]

Moderator's Note: I am (at least) temporarily closing this thread. New suggestions should be made in the current Winter tag cleanup meta-thread. This is half a question, half an announcement. I ...
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Tag cleanup 2014 [duplicate]

Tags need a regular cleanup. There was a number of questions on particular tags recently — but (while proposals for some really major changes should, perhaps, be posted as separate questions) maybe a ...
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Should the algebra tag be blacklisted?

I'll mention the history of the problems with algebra tag, although I think that most people who visit meta regularly know about this. The problem with algebra was that it was used for different ...
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Would a new tag for mistakes/typos/errata for books be useful/appropriate?

Maybe it could be called book-errata? I cannot give many examples of discussions from math.SE offhand but at least one example from here
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Proliferation of tags

I have got the impression that a lot of new tags have been introduced lately. Is it intentional? Frankly, I cannot see why ultra-specific tags such as "simpsons-rule", "boundedness", "dot-product" or "...
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Should every new tag be discussed on meta before creation?

In several discussions here on meta, one user expressed the opinion, that every new tag (or at least most of them) should be discussed on meta before creating. For example here There is a saying ...
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Would tags such as "ultrafilters" or "Stone-Cech compactification" be too specific?

I've noticed that one question was recently tagged filter. (It is the only question having this tag at the moment.) I was thinking about a few related tags, which might perhaps be useful; but I ...
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New Tags: When?

When coming to post a question, one looks for the most fitting tags. After a while, it may be apparent that a new tag is in order. Good examples are the elementay-number-theory and elementary-set-...
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How to create tag without asking a question?

I understand SE policy is that whenever someone asks a question with a new tag, the tag is automatically created. But is there a way to incorporate a tag without asking a needless question?
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What are the more convenient criteria to create new tags?

If one searches the word -theore in Tags one find some tags with the name of well known theorems as stokes-theorem or bayes-theorem. Also if one type lemm one finds only three tags, that are borel-...
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Deleting Tags after being created

Is it possible to delete a tag after it has been created. For example when I post a question under the tag, Analytic number theory sometimes, Analytic only appears in the Tag column and the Analytic ...
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What is the procedure for burnination (deletion) of tags?

I was scanning the tag list for Mathematics, there are loads that have never been used and probably never will be. Can anyone nominate a tag for burnination, is there procedure to follow, and who ...
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Are "zombie" tags removed on meta, too?

I know that on main site the tags which have no questions associated to them are removed from the system every 24 hours, see here or here. However, we have a few tags at meta which have no question. ...
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