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Why do some users delete their questions after receiving an answer?

It has happened several times now that a question is deleted by its author a few minutes after I post an answer. I suspect it's because the question is a homework question and the user wants to ...
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People who ask homework questions and then remove them

It just happened (again) that someone removed a homework question after getting responses in comments. I realized this because the OP had responded to my comment before deleting the question, so that ...
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Is there any way to see my deleted questions or answers?

Previously I deleted some of my questions, I wonder if there is a way to see (only) my deleted questions?
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Is there need to patrol for deleted questions?

In a recent discussion Mariano Suárez-Alvarez told us, that if we are aware of users, who delete their questions after receiving an answer, we should bring them to the attention of mods. (IIRC the OP ...
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Where reputation disappears

Is there any possibility to deduce why 25 of (my) reputation disappeared probably this night? It is not the problem of reputation, but the lack of information is rather strange. On tex.stackexchange....
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In search of a possibly deleted question

I'm trying to find a possibly deleted question. I don't remember the user. Is this possible? It was a question about finding $$\operatorname{E}\left[g(X)\right]$$ If my memory serves me correctly $$g(...
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Community-implemented review of questions deleted by votes

Recently there have been a very large number of deletions of older questions (and answers). Occasionally, this has caused some very helpful answers to be deleted - with no review at all. Currently SE ...
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Advance knowledge of community deletions?

My answer to a question from 2016, was downvoted a couple of hours ago, and then a ...
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Avalanche of deletions

[I expect the point I raise here has been raised before. I searched but didn't find it. Maybe all I need is a pointer to an earlier thread.] I was looking for a question on which I had recently made a ...
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Forum deleting questions and answers

It does feel to me that the moderators here go too far when it comes to deleting questions here. These are often questions that were quite interesting in their own right and received some good answers ...
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Deleted questions (or deleted user accounts)

Over the last year or two I have encountered a couple of times the situation that I answered a (possibly badly formulated) question on a topic I am expert in (the [gap] tag) as I felt that the ...
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How to search a question/answer in MSE

I have missed a question asked in MSE yesterday. I tried searching it but in vain. Can someone help me in searching $(1+\frac{1}{x})\text{arcTan} x >1$ here in MSE?
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Help sought in finding a question.

Caveat: The following question is mistaken and wrongly posted here. A question was posted asking for all natural-number solutions $(a,b)$ of the equation $\surd a+\surd b=\surd2009$. It was near the ...
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Moderator powers prior to moderator status

I cast an undelete vote for this question but was auto-informed that the question could not be undeleted, since it was deleted by a moderator. Looking at the folks who deleted it, I did notice quid on ...
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A question missed in my "recently deleted answers" link [duplicate]

I had a deleted question (with no answer) two months ago and it could be found always in my recently deleted questions link. Today, I needed a good comment on that post but the post (the question) is ...
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