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Do we downvote all PSQ? Also a few questions about comment-answers and comment-hints [duplicate]

At the time of writing, this post has 28 views and no downvotes (or upvotes). I see it simply as a PSQ (Problem Statement Question), and it is quite possible it will be closed soon. I didn't downvote ...
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Are hint answers allowed? [duplicate]

I seem to recall reading on some help page that an answer must in fact answer the question posed. Yet I often see Hint answers, and sometimes want to answer with hints as well. So are Hint answers "...
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Do hints belong in answers or comments?

If the OP doesn't indicate whether they'd prefer a hint, a sketch, or a full answer, and you'd like to leave just a hint, should it be an answer or a comment? Should one option be encouraged? If so, ...
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How good is an answer without any explanation? And how far should an explanation go?

Often times I will see hints posted as answers to a question get up voted a lot and sometimes marked as the best answer, but sometimes the answer is not so intuitive, especially to someone ...
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Should there be a policy about "hints"?

First, let me say that I completely understand the idea of not posting full solutions, but instead "hints" (or outlines) to let the OP figure out the details by themselves. I tend to do that myself. ...
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Rude and disrespectful behaviour - user complaining about deletion

I recently reviewed an answer and decided to vote for deletion as it was in my own opinion merely a comment, and could not be qualified as an answer. My decision was backed by 6 other reviewers. The ...
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Is it no longer considered OK to post a comment of more than 600 characters as an answer?

On more than one occasion, always with an explicit disclaimer, I have posted a comment of more than 600 characters as an "answer". I have done this because I have quite often seen other ...
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Answer/Comment Etiquette

With my (terrible!) reputation of < 50 (new to the site), I cannot comment on posts and answers of others. However, if I wish to make an observation or give a hint as opposed to the full answer, ...
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Hints as answers

Often I see threads with an "accepted answer" that contains a hint and nothing else. That's absurd. Instead, how about: Supplying a full answer? There's a reason it is called "an answer"... ...
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Short answer turned into a comment by moderator

I'd like to update my poor knowledge about the policy of this site: The hints, which are usually very short answers, have become unwanted (as answers, I mean)? I'm asking this since my my answer ...
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How can a proof-verification question be closed as a duplicate? [duplicate]

Consider a question of this type: “My task is to prove […]. Here's my attempt: […] Is my approach correct?” I've seen several questions like this being closed as duplicates. ...
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Why do people give "hints" instead of "answers"? [closed]

Seriously. Everything can be a homework problem if you think about it. Do you see stackoverflow saying "ooh, here's a hint how to run a certain script on Ubuntu reboot"? Their problems are ...
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How to deal with "hint" answers

I notice that many people put "hints" as answers. For example, let's say I ask the question, how would I solve $\sum_{i=0}^\infty \frac{1}{n(n+1)}$, and someone answers with, "HINT: It ...
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hints for homework questions (reloaded)

In these days a lot of questions are asked that are plain homeworks, and thus they are soon closed. I used to agree with the rationale, but now I am thinking if it would not be better to leave an hint ...
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