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How should questions tagged "solution-verification" be answered? [duplicate]

Often when people post their solutions to a particular problem on a question of theirs and they tag it solution-verification, the solution that they give is flawless, or can be improved a small amount ...
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Why do users give answers using alternative method when I'm asking what went wrong with my solution?

I'll just put this out here. This is a sock my main account is Avnish Kabaj and user619072(now deleted sock). I've asked a couple of questions as to why my method is wrong. For some reason, users ...
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Proof Verification of Open Problems

Over the past few days, I've noticed several proof verification questions regarding open problems. On one, quid left the comment: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it asks for ...
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What would be the right answer to the question "Is this a typo in my textbook"?

This question asks if a statement from a textbook (which looks wrong to the OP) contains a typo or mistake. It is a mistake, indeed. I answered “Yes, this is an error. Well spotted.” … and my answer ...
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How to answer proof-verification questions?

Sometimes, proof-verification questions ask for verification of a valid and overall solid proof (some examples: What is the $\dim L(X,Y)$?, Prove $(\overline{A \cap B}) \subseteq \overline{A} \cap \...
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How to make a question regarding proof verification more interesting and more attractive?

Since I self-study mathematical analysis without formal teacher, I can only appeal to help from out site most of the time. It's obvious that to grasp the underlying concepts in mathematics, we must ...
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Proof-verification and duplicates.

When someone posts a question, which asks for verification of their proof of something, the mathematical content of that question will often be a duplicate of another question. Now, in order to help ...
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Asking questions to add to the general knowledge pool

Recently, I've seen a few examples of users asking questions and answering their own questions as a way of adding to the question pool here on MSE. The most recent example I've seen of this is the ...
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What is the usefulness of having "proof-verification" and "solution-verification" as different tags?

I know there is a topic about the solution-verification tag (vs proof-writing), but now we have the proof-verification tag which has affiliated 2452 questions, while "solution-verification" has only ...
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Proof verification types of questions

Is asking proof verification questions frowned upon here -- especially if one keeps asking such a type of question? My concerns stems from the fact if the proof is correct, users merely post "...
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What's on-topic and off-topic, really?

This post is made in response to this thread, which asked for the error in a purported proof of the Riemann Hypothesis. After an upvote/downvote war (the downvotes have currently narrowly won), it was ...
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Best advice for editing an attempted but incorrect proof?

A questioner asked me about re-asking/re-trying after an attempted proof. What is the correct advice here? The questioner's proof was somewhat bungled. Should they ask another question, or edit the ...
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New stack exchange site: for interactive theorem provers and automatic theorem provers

Stack Exchange will soon create the Private Beta site for Proof Assistants and Automatic Theorem Provers. If you want to see what a StackExchange site is like in its initial beginnings, want to help ...
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Attempting to prove the same thing multiple times -- Request For Rules and Guidelines

NOTE: I did try again to prove the Löwenheim-Skolem theorem. My new question is here. What are the rules and guidelines for attempting to prove the same theorem again? Some notes specific to my ...
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How to ask a good proof-verification question?

Firstly, I want to thank the people who have commented on or reviewed my attempted proofs over the years. I'm not a student, so that kind of feedback is invaluable. I've gotten a little bit better at ...
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