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tqft or topological-quantum-field-theory? Which one to keep?

A fairly new member of our MSE community, namely the user Andrews, started to reshape our own physical questions fundamentally basically by retagging them in an appropriate manner. Another recently ...
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Why were all the "triangles" bronze tag badges "Awarded Mar 25 at 4:00"?

Sometimes I like to appreciate the smaller things in life. Like how the bronze tag badge for the triangles tag contains a triangle: Nice! But, what surprised me is that they're all awarded at the ...
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Tag triangle and triangles

Why do we have tags triangle and then again triangles ? They both seems to have exactly same description. So maybe I am missing something.
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Tag suggestion: (cyclic-symmetric-sums)

There are a lot of questions concerning cyclic sums, but I just noticed there is no tag for these sums, and it hasn't been suggested as far as I can tell. There are a lot of questions involving ...
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Where did [gradient] go?

At the moment, Mathematics SE has tags hessian-matrix and jacobian. However, tag gradient is a synonym for tag vector-analysis. Why? Motivation Since tag gradient does not exist, tags gradient-...
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Deleting Tags after being created

Is it possible to delete a tag after it has been created. For example when I post a question under the tag, Analytic number theory sometimes, Analytic only appears in the Tag column and the Analytic ...
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Is the decision problems tag needed?

I recently created a new tag: decision-problems. I do believe that this tag is indeed needed because its lack does lead to a lot of somewhat erroneously or misleadingly tagged questions. For example, ...
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Relating to create a new tag

I have created a tag named "significance" and gave the full details (all of them are approved by others after some time) and also I fit there 8 questions (different authors posted in different ...
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Is it OK to create a tag about exercises from one particular book?

Is it OK to create a tag about exercises from one particular book? The book I have in mind is a book with many hard exercises and unproved theorems in it (the total is about 200 or 300 maybe more), ...
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Would tags for specific books be appropriate?

I'm wondering if tags for example Durret's Probability book would be allowed. I think that when one is reading a book, it would be interesting what doubts other user had when reading the same book. ...
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Adding (hartshorne) Tag? [duplicate]

Well, the title is quite self-explaining. I haven't read anything so far in Hartshorne's Algebraic Geometry, but looking at ME (and listening to what a close friend of mine told me about it) it really ...
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Why don't we have an elementary-geometry tag? Or why don't we use geometry to mean elementary geometry?

Notes/Observations/Opinions: Related: Why is there an elementary-geometry tag? The tag usage guidance for geometry goes For questions about geometric shapes, congruences, similarities, ...
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Why is the tag (triangle) listed among the new tags?

When I look at the list of the newly created tags on Mathematics Stack Exchange, the tag triangle is listed there. This seems a bit unusual, because this tag is a synonym of the tag triangles and the ...
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Relating to create a new tag named "wronskian"

I have created a new tag named "wronskian" and given the full details about it and also I fit some questions relating this new tag. I just want to know is it acceptable for this site? If all goes ...
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Is "generalization" a good tag? [duplicate]

Recently I've come across the tag "generalization", see here. It's relatively new and there is only one question (Edit: now removed) under it. However, I don't think it's that useful, taking into ...
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