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The problem with proof verification

What I am going to bring up is not a new problem. It was hashed again and again and again. It was brought up as far as 2013, and repeatedly almost every year. See 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Some of ...
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Are questions about (problems with) specific approaches duplicates?

Recently this question about a classic contest problem was closed as a duplicate of another about the same problem. The closed question asks about a specific approach to the problem, though, and how ...
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What would be the right answer to the question "Is this a typo in my textbook"?

This question asks if a statement from a textbook (which looks wrong to the OP) contains a typo or mistake. It is a mistake, indeed. I answered “Yes, this is an error. Well spotted.” … and my answer ...
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Solution verification questions and duplicates: proposal for discussion

When a user posts a (solution-verification) question on a problem (often a standard problem), I tend to not vote to close as a duplicate, since the user is asking for feedback on their particular ...
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How should questions tagged "solution-verification" be answered? [duplicate]

Often when people post their solutions to a particular problem on a question of theirs and they tag it solution-verification, the solution that they give is flawless, or can be improved a small amount ...
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For titles on questions, which of these is better: Author of the book- Chapter number- Exercise number-, the exercise explicitly or Both?

Regarding the titles on questions, Is better The author of the book, the chapter number and the exercise number. The exercise as explicit or informative as possible (not always possible tho :( )....
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What should our goal be in answering questions?

If my search has failed me and this has been covered in some form, let me know and I'll delete this. The post which is motivating my question is this post, where the OP had reduced a problem they are ...
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Why does the community seem to encourage technical cleverness over the actual answer to a question?

First post on meta, so here goes nothing. Earlier today, I answered the question linked below: Evaluating $\int_0^1 \frac{3x}{\sqrt{4-3x}} dx$ I believe it is a good question. The user had a ...
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Answering "is my approach correct" with a different proof

On this site it is common to see questions where OP asks if their approach or their solution to a problem is correct. Often, people answer these questions by providing their own entirely different ...
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Is it acceptable to provide alternative solutions to proof verification questions after the "proof verification" has been answered?

This question was recently asked and was asking "Can someone poke a hole in my work for me please so I can realise my error?" which was promptly answered with an answer that pointed out the error in ...