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When someone gives you -2 points

How to find the reason for someone giving you a -2 for a previously answered question that had been given 10 points?
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Why did this answer get downvoted? [closed]

The user Bill Dubuque posted a great answer to a question I asked, but it got SIX downvotes, despite it clearly answering my question (I accepted the answer) and it is clearly a well constructed ...
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New user. Reason for downvotes on question?

I have a question about my Mathematics Stack Exchange post: Prove the following relation (using Fourier analysis) This is my first time on Mathematics Stack Exchange. I didn't think my question was ...
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Why was this question downvoted?

I answered the following question and saw the asker was downvoted: What are the elements of $\mathbb Z/3[x]$? in this video he shows the division ...
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Is it possible to see the reason for down-votes?

I'm relatively new on Math Stack Exchange, so if this question is already answered, please direct me to it. During the few days that I have been on Stack Exchange, I saw some perfectly good questions ...
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Why is the reason for the down and close vote for this question?

Closed and reopened I'm member of this site for almost 3 years, and I cannot understand why this question takes one down vote and 4 close votes. Can someone who can understand the reason for this ...
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What about this question earned some quantity of downvotes?

I'm new to the Math StackExchange, but I am puzzled by the downvotes on this question: Am I properly simplifying this geometric progression? I tried to be as clear as possible, to show that I had ...
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Casting votes to old posts

To be honest, I want to obtain the electorate gold badge. Some people in this site commented to do 40 votes/day in 15 consecutive days. My question is, can I vote to questions being posted long time ...
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Unfair downvoting of question?

Today, there was this question posted on the main site asking about the probability of passing a genetic disease expressed by a dominant allele. However, as soon as it was posted a few users came ...
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Is there any obvious reason why my very old answer was downvoted?

I have an answer here from 4.5 years ago that just got downvoted. Not a work of genius I admit, but workmanlike I'd say. I didn't directly answer the questioner but rather, in the spirit of the site ...
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Why has this question so many downvotes?

I just found a question Example of map from commutative ring to another commutative that preserves multiplicative identity and addition but NOT multiplication. that has 4 downvotes and is closed as ...
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