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Why was my post was removed from the HNQ list? [duplicate]

Question: Why was my recent post: Side of the largest possible cube inside a cone? was removed from the HNQ list? Context: I do realize related general discussions (see below) but I don't feel right ...
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Can we please be more generous to elementary beginners?

This question: Given that $\arctan(1/5) + \arctan(1/8) = \arctan(1/p)$, how to find the value of $p$? (now deleted again) was originally closed as "off-topic". Here is the original title: ...
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Autofilters for Hot Network Questions

The SE software allows us to request certain regular expressions be automatically excluded from the Hot Network Questions. I was asked by the CMs to make this post on the meta, and include the list. ...
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Why was a question proactively removed from Hot Network Questions even though it never appeared there in the first place?

I'm coming here following this question on Meta Stack Exchange. In that post, a user highlighted this question on the main site, which shows a timeline entry for removing the question from Hot Network ...
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Adding MathJax to the title of posts being edited - bad habit?

Recently, I've found out that questions with $ \TeX $ markup in their title are excluded from the Hot Network Questions. This made me think about my editing habits. One of my favorite topics is ...
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Why did a moderator remove my question from HNQ?

Recently, I have asked why did a question has a lot of views, and it turned out that it is an HNQ. But in the timeline, it said the question is removed from HNQ by a moderator. But why is it removed?
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A math question with lot of views but why?

This is a math question I answered which has a lot upvotes. I think that is because there a lot of views ($1k$) but it haven't got any bounty. Why?
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Mod removing questions out of HNQ

It has been observation as of late that moderator Asaf Karagila has been removing quite a bit of questions from HNQ. What is the basis for removal? and, under what circumstances is a moderator ...
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Why wasn't this question removed automatically from the HNQ list?

From previous discussions, I've come to understand that questions with MathJax in the title cannot become hot network questions, and that editing a title to include MathJax should boot the question ...
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Do we, the community, need a HNQ block list?

Short Version The purpose of this post is to have a vote count of the community support/opposition of the recent HNQ block list proposal. If you don't want to read the long version of the post then ...
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How to search MSE for a formula? [duplicate]

I don't know how to search a formula in Math.SE. For example last time I asked a question about $\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\left(n \ln \frac{2 n+1}{2 n-1}-1\right)$; but this question has been closed since ...
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