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Cereal downvotes [duplicate]

It would appear I have a serial downvoter, probably based on my comments at Vector field on an odd sphere Anything to be done? How very odd. I put Cereal on purpose. I do not think it confuses the ...
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Serial down-voting [duplicate]

I answered three question a while back, and today when I logged-in I see they were all voted down in chronological order. In fact one of my answers was even accepted by OP. Refer to these links: ...
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Question about a simultaneous "massive" downvote [duplicate]

17 simultaneous downvote (only on Question posted, I think): May I ask if there is some "systematic" reason ? Thanks
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How to handle downvoting sprees [duplicate]

Are there any systems in place to combat down-voting sprees? Presumably I offended someone (I really don't know how or whom) so they went to my page and downvoted every question I ever asked back-to-...
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Possibility of intentional downvote sabotage? [duplicate]

Sorry if this is off-topic but this is my first question and I haven't been around the meta page very much. I checked my daily reputation gain today and I found three new downvotes on my answers. The ...
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Can anything be done if a single user is downvoting several posts in a row? [duplicate]

I’ve taken a look at my reputation and believe a single user is downvoting several of my posts in a row. Normally I would ignore this but my reputation is low. (I wish to place a bounty on a recent ...
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Lost 109 Reputation Points

Today I posted a question (which has not appeared) and subsequently lost 109 reputation points! Surely it wasn't that bad?
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Reputation went down

My reputation went down by 15 points. Is it because someone deleted one of their questions?
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What to do about one or two downvotes received daily?

I've read that one doesn't need to do anything about suspected serial downvoting, because it's taken care of automatically by an algorithm. What if one suspects that someone is aware of that ...
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Reputation mis-represented

In Hendrik mentions that the feature showing which answer was disaccepted is now available. However the ...
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Why I recently lost lot of reputation?

Recently, I got lots of negative reputation. Why? I guess, I earned all those reputation by accepting answer. But, some answers were written by me. Although, I lost reputation. But, I didn't get ...
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Why has my post been downvoted for no reason, and can moderators investigate posts that have been downvoted? [closed]

In one of my posts under Timeline, there are 4 upvotes and 2 downvotes, and the score of the post is 2. My reputation increased +36 by these actions. What happened? How many users have voted for my ...
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