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Deletion of my answer did not lead to reputation loss [duplicate]

Recently (more than 24 hours have passed) one of my answers got deleted, as collateral damage. However, it is strange that my points +98 (10-2) have not been revoked. In my experience when I was ...
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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 07/2018 - 12/2020) [duplicate]

The purpose of this thread is to help focus the attention of the community on posts that may require reopen and undeletion votes. A request should be posted as an answer below (one request per answer)....
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User answering poor question while also voting to close

Context Tonight I witnessed conduct from a reputable user that I find outrageous. I won’t name names, but as the individual’s identity could be determined by tracing my activity anyways, I’ll include ...
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Self-deleted answer undeleted by other users

I deleted one of my answers a little less than three years ago. Today I discovered that the answer had been undeleted by three high-reputation users in August of this year. To the best of my knowledge ...
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Why did I lose 40 rep overnight?

Yesterday I had reputation 7098, and now I it is 7058. What happened? Is it connected to the ongoing personal baiting campaign on me?
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If I post a question or an answer, which gets upvotes, and I delete said post do I lose reputation?

My Question (most likely a duplicate, but I couldn't find such): If I post something (i.e a question or an answer) and it gets say 2 upvotes, and I delete said post do I then lose all the reputation ...
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After my questions is closed and deleted - is the reputation lost from downvotes returned?

Sorry I can't link to the question. I knew going in that I would get a few down-votes because the question was a little abstruse. I was willing to take my lumps. However, when the thread was ...
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