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Can I post a 'homework' question without any MathJax/Latex.

Beginner here to mathstackexchange. I have a 'homework' question from a university course that I'm getting quite stuck on. Important Note: This is homework from a past course I've already completed ...
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Is there an application where you can visually input LaTeX and have it translate to a code that works in Stack Exchange?

I do not know if this question is appropriate to the Mathematics Meta. This question may be closed if it isn't. But I would like to ask if there is an application people can refer me to that can ...
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Extraction of Math -expressions with OCR from scanned photos?

Extraction of mathematical expressions with OCR would enormously help communication like here. Is it possible do? Is there some way easily to write into LaTex without keyboard? Is there some way to ...
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Can you copy paste MathJax? [duplicate]

I am a big procrastinator when it comes to learning MathJax. I happened to remember that only before asking a question. Is there perhaps a shortcut to simply copy an equation from one part of the site ...
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How can I post some of the pages from google books preview?

I heard someone cannot view the page that I can view in Google books, But sometimes I may have problems inside the book, how can I paste the image or page from Google books to this website?
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User keeps posting questions with posted images, instead of writing the question themself.

It seems that a certain user is in the habit of posting questions (often homework) by cutting and pasting images instead of taking the time to write it out explicitly in MathJax. With more than three ...
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How to copy page content including all TeX commands

I posted an answer to this question, and a commenter suggested an alternative. The commenter answer was simpler, more elegant than mine, and I would have upvoted it ... except he had posted it in the ...
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Using text and MathJax instead of screenshot.

I would suggest the community simply close questions containing screenshots of text. I can understand a screenshot of a figure, but if the text part of a question can be easily typeset with the built-...
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How to copy paste a Mathematics Stack Exchange Answer to Word

I have written an answer in Mathematics Stack Exchange: So I just want to convert that answer into Word. Thanks for any help
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Mathpix Snip Tool: Automatic $\rm\LaTeX$ code generation from typed or handwritten math! [closed]

The Mathpix Snip tool is quite impressive. I recommend you check it out! It could save you a lot of effort in trying to write $\rm\LaTeX$ code. Here is an example at work. Original image: First ...
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I haven't been around for a while; what are the new policies I need to know in order to use the site?

I haven't used this site for a while (years); just busy with other things. A screenshot of my rating chart I've constantly been on Stack Exchange, but seldom on Math.SE (and virtually never on Math....
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