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Justification of downvotes [duplicate]

I totally agree that any of my answers can be be downvoted. The problem is that there is no way to know why. Is there any manner to ask somebody (may be the moderator) to clarify and tell me what I ...
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Instead of downvotes of academic discuss why not encourage contest response allowing fair and valid explanations? [duplicate]

Concepts and proofs are contestable in Scientific discuss and academics but the practice is usually supported by references (usually peer review, and known authorities in the discipline). I do notice ...
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Can we be nicer to downvoters?

I vote a lot. This includes quite a few downvotes. I do not comment with my downvotes anymore, because most of the time when I do comment I am met with attacks. I have been called names, received ...
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Can a down/up votes be accompanied by a comment?

Having been here for a while now, I understand the futility/meaninglessness of this question. Becoming accustomed to how this place works and how much and fast I have learned from the people here, I ...
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Reason for downvoting the answer.

This question is in accordance with the question that I answered yesterday. It was downvoted three times without any comment (even the pop-up displayed instructs to do so) of the users that what was ...
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Do you think we should implement an incentive for leaving a comment when downvoting an answer?

I have noticed that a lot of times when an answer gets downvoted, there is rarely any feedback (unless the answerer asks for one or depends on the popularity of the question) for the downvote. With ...
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About downvotes.

I understand the abundance of downvote-related questions that are asked here, but I didn't find any related to what I propose, so here is my thought: I wholeheartedly aggree that the reasons for one'...
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Reason for Downvotes

I have an answer here: It just got an unexpected downvote but no one ever left a comment on why the downvote was casted, a comment was there but was ...
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Premature close and down votes - how can we stop this? (+ my suggestion)

While I haven't been a part of MSE for too long, in my time I have been fairly active and seen a wide variety of questions. Obviously, the most common of these question have been homework-style ...
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Shouldn't downvoters undo their downvotes to questions which are later edited and improved?

Downvoters should necessarily review the downvoted question once the question has been revised/improved and the new version of the question meets MSE guidelines. It is very common that someone ...
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Why is it that people down vote an answer without even bothering to comment what is the problem? [closed]

Why is it that people down vote an answer without even bothering to comment what is the problem? On many cases I find that people down vote my answer and I am not able to figure out who has downvoted ...
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What has been the reason for downvote? [duplicate]

I can't find any possible explanation for my answer to this question. The thing is not that I am concerned about the decrease of my reputation, but to me the answer looks perfect and so I can't find ...
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