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Deleting incorrect answer when it is adding value to the site [duplicate]

Let's say I post an answer to a question which was later pointed out was incorrect in the comments. Should this answer be deleted? I believe that, especially if the mistake is explained and justified ...
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Don't flag wrong answers?

I recently flagged an answer as "not an answer", and what came back was "declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer." I found that surprising,...
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Should we vote to delete wrong answers?

It is not difficult to notice that sometimes an answer is deleted (by users other than the OP)1 simply on the grounds that it is considered incorrect by the users who voted to delete. (Probably if you ...
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Wrong answer is not corrected/deleted

Sorry, this was most probably asked before in some form, but I haven't managed to find the original. Let me describe a hypothetical situation related to this question. User $A$ posts a simple ...
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Is it a good thing to erase wrong answer?

Recently, user answered this question Inequality for Distribution of points in space, but his solution was wrong. (I don't know in what detail am I supposed to explain things here since this is my ...
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Deleting a downvoted answer?

Is it right to delete a downvoted answer of one's own? I have only done this once (I actually got the "Peer pressure" badge from that), but I am afraid that this is not allowed. I do have an accepted ...
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What should one do appropriately if one finds that he has posted a wrong answer

I answered a question recently. After conversations with OP, I found that I misunderstood OP and my answer was wrong. I deleted my post and replaced the content with ...
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Deletion of on-topic answers only because they contain mathematical errors.

Are mathematical errors in an answer that is otherwise reasonable and on-topic ever a sufficient reason for users (other than the answer-author) to delete that answer? For a recent answer, the ...
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I have written a wrong answer and have no means to correct it. What should I do?

I wrote an answer but later found that the method used was wrong. Moreover, other answers have already covered other methods and I can't think of a new answer (which could have been used to edit) . ...
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Delete vs. Edit etiquette

If an error is found in my answer, is it appropriate to delete the answer and let someone else more knowledgeable answer? Or is should I attempt to correct my solution through edits? What is the ...
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Answers which are not quite answers, but still could be useful to stimulate learning.

Is there some way to treat faulty answers or ones which do not address the specific question, but which could be of merit. For instance something that is related which could help the person creating ...
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Can I read replies to my comments on deleted answer?

I had notifications on my phone that I had received responses to my comments to an answer by Norbert on Regarding linear independence on a normed-linear space given a condition. When I went to the ...
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