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How to view LaTeX source of equations?

How do you view the source of a question, to see how the LaTeX was specified as markup?
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Faster copying of math formulas

I frequently copy math formulas in posts using Show Math as ▶ TeX commands. This requires control-click plus mouse movement plus command-A and command-C, a lot of ...
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Copy my original MathJax from my comment into paste buffer? [duplicate]

How can I copy one of my comments which is MathJax format and paste it in the solution since nobody answered my question? I have developed the answer in a comment.
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Possibility to access the code of people's comments

Very often I enter the edit mode of a post just to copy-paste some parts of it, often to get a sample of some MathJax complex syntax. It may happen every once in a while that you want to do that with ...
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Viewing markup of question/answer/comment, of one for which is editing is not allowed.

Is there a way to see the markup of questions/answers/comments for which editing is not allowed? This answer says to right-click and select Show source. It looks ...
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Seeing the MathJax mark-up for a comment

If a question contains some useful MathJax mark-up that I don't know and want to recycle for use elsewhere, I can "edit" the question, copy the mark-up I want and then cancel my "edit". This isn't an ...
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Possibility to copy content of comment that was posted longer than 5 minutes ago.

I sometimes write a comment which I realize would fit better as an edit, adding context or examples or better explanations to a question or answer. Or for that matter to make an edit with the content ...
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Why doesn't the 'edit comment' button disappear after 5 minutes?

If you type a comment, and click on the 'edit' button after 5 minutes, it says that "Comments can be edited for only 5 minutes". Why can't the button just disappear after 5 minutes, so we can assume ...
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How to link to a comment?

I was wondering if it is possible to link to a comment? For example, the second comment after this reply Questions about geometric distribution Thanks!
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How to retain posted contents for later reference

I wish to retain a copy of posting (for a question posted earlier, but now deleting) for record. How to copy and save with all Tex/MathJax symbols?
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Converting comment to answer

Is this done by just writing the answer and deleting the comment? Can you delete a comment that has been there for a while? (I ask this because I think you can't edit a comment after a few minutes--...
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Is it possible to see the source of a comment?

Like the title says, it seems useful to be able to "edit" a comment (just for the sake of seeing the tex). Does this feature exist ?
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I just noticed my LaTeX error in a comment but it's been 5 minutes. How can I fix it?

Arghhh! I messed up some LaTeX in a comment, but didn't notice until after 5 minutes had passed and so I can't fix it. Is that it? Is it always going to look ugly and I can't do anything about it?