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Improving other's questions via adding solution attempts in the question [duplicate]

This is a bit of a puzzler for me and I'd like to try to work out what our community norms and guidelines are around this topic. Suppose user A posts a question which is a bit light on context. User B ...
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What to do if I like the question in a post but the post is presented in a bad quality. [duplicate]

I have been wondering about this question for the last week. It is really pointed out to everyone at all times that whenever you ask a question, you must include details, motivation, thoughts, or some ...
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Can I re-ask a closed question? [duplicate]

I am talking about this question. This seems to be OP's first question, and OP didn't show any of their work. This is why the question got closed. However, I find the question itself very interesting ...
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How to ask a good question.

How to ask a good question. This thread has advice on the following aspects of writing a good question on this site. Each item in this list links to an answer below about that specific aspect of ...
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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2022 - today)

The purpose of this thread is to focus the attention of the community on posts that may require reopen and undeletion votes. A request should be posted as an answer below (one request per answer). ...
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FAQ for math.stackexchange

Right now, the faq only contains the boilerplate explanations of the stackoverflow engine, reputation levels, etc. This page serves as an index of other important support questions for the community. ...
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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2021 - 12/2021) [duplicate]

The purpose of this thread is to focus the attention of the community on posts that may require reopen and undeletion votes. A request should be posted as an answer below (one request per answer). ...
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Non-experts closing questions

I have recently noticed what, to me, is a pretty irking trend in the tag I contribute to most often (algebraic geometry). It seems to me that there is a contingent of 'serial closers' who insist on ...
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Editing someone else's question to add context

I recently came across a problem statement question about a block matrix inverse. The original author did not include context, and the question got put on hold. I personally know a lot of situations ...
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How to make or suggest good edits

What should I do when editing a post, or suggesting an edit? Math SE is a collaborative platform where almost anyone can contribute. One way in which you can improve the site is by editing posts (...
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What should be the attitude and response to the following phenomenon?

Suppose, there is a question (a math problem). It is answered by User A. The answer is, basically, that there is no solution. The answer is upvoted. Then (after, say, a year) comes User B and posts an ...
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Posting generalizations of already asked questions

Sometimes when I see a question out of a textbook or competitive exam, I want to post a generalization of the specs of the question. I think my situation is (probably?) similar to this. Should I post ...
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What kind of context is good to add to a contest math question?

This is a call for brainstorming for ideas on how to best make questions from math contests meet our quality requirements, outlined in many places, but How to ask a good question is the most commonly ...
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Confusing rolling back of edits by the moderator

This recent question: Show that the $l_p$ norm of $x$ as $p\to 0$ is the support of $x$ was nominated to be reopened in meta after edits. It was then reopened by several other users. Here is version 4 ...
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Etiquette of bounty on PSQs.

This question was asked by an account that has currently been suspended temporarily. I found this question, liked it too much, and put a bounty on it (At that time the account was not suspended I ...
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