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How to search in favorite questions?

As the number of my favorite questions increase, it becomes harder to find them in the list. Is there a way to search in my favorite questions? Also, would it be possible to search in another user's ...
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Organizing favorite posts in folders\categories

Is there a way of organizing favorite posts into folders? This is a feature I was thinking about for quite some time now. It happened to me more than once where I was looking for a certain post I ...
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Managing favourites

I'm a new user but my favourites are already becoming a bit cumbersome to go through. I imagine they may become completely unmanageable in a year's time. I was wondering if it would be possible to ...
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Is it possible to group somehow questions I've asked in the past?

I'm slowly reading through a book, and quite often I ask questions about stuff I don't understand. Because it's taking me a while reading through it sometimes I completely forgot clarified points ...
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Could bookmarks have a facility for grouping questions similar to playlists in YouTube?

As a user, I have a need to explore a variety of topics simultaneously for academic reasons. With time the bookmarks of questions of my interest started becoming a bit cumbersome, haphazard and all ...
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Tips for organizing one's own favorites?

While some has only zero or a few favorite posts, I have ever-growing number of favorites. Sometimes I wonder what if I cannot locate one post easily? Unlike the way one organizes his/her computer ...
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Multiple Favourites Lists

One feature I wish was present is the ability to have multiple favourite lists. I have a fair number of favourited questions, often for different reasons (e.g. questions I want to read later, others ...
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