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Guidelines for context edits and rewrites

Suppose you come across a question that has been closed for lack of context, has high quality answers, and on its way to being deleted. Can you save the post by editing it to include more context? ...
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How to ask a good question.

How to ask a good question. This thread has advice on the following aspects of writing a good question on this site. Each item in this list links to an answer below about that specific aspect of ...
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Why should "trivial" questions not meet the guidelines?

Often among young students, or those new to the site in general, we all see questions that are seemingly too trivial to even be asked. Usually, and perhaps unsurprisingly, these types of questions get ...
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Interested in a question which is closed because of "no effort". What to do?

Let me first state my general opinion (see also this discussion on meta): To keep the quality and attractiveness of math.SE at a reasonable level, I think it is important to counter questions probably ...
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How to avoid downvotes for beginner's questions?

I just asking this because of a question I asked a couple of minutes ago. I am still new to sequences and series, just started to study the subject today on my own and I tried to solve some exercises. ...
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Is there a shorter and more opinionated version of "How to ask a good question?" that we can direct new users to?

The advice in how to ask a good question is good, but reading through the whole thing takes a while and, IMHO, requires some familiarity with the site to interpret. It also presents the reader with ...
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Is it okay to re-ask a deleted question?

Greetings I went trough some questions here on meta and didn't found something similar so I hope there is no problem with asking here. I'll try to keep it short. I noticed that some questions got ...
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Can we have "2021: a year of EoQS"?

In Paramanand's questionnaire response, he suggests that the effects of the EoQS should be studied. This made me realise that I don't really know anything past the "theory" of the EoQS since ...
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Re-asking another user's on-hold question

Looking at my title, this sounds outrageous! But here's what I mean. Situation: A question is asked that I'm interested in. It seems from comments that others are interested too. It's asked vaguely, ...
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What to do with low quality questions that you're interested in but do not own?

I recently encountered a low-quality question that I am interested in. I'm not going to link to the question because I don't want to single out the author or attract attention to it and cause it to be ...
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The community need to make a good decision regarding closing/downvoting good questions/answers

The most common problem I see on this site is that many poor questions/ solutions are highly upvoted and many great questions/ solutions are downvoted. I have no problem with the highly-upvoted poor ...
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"Post Answer" option for those mid-way writing despite "Closed" post

When the post is closed, no longer answers are accepted as: the answer box gets removed. if you were writing something, the post answer option is no longer available. In the latter case, I am ...
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Forum deleting questions and answers

It does feel to me that the moderators here go too far when it comes to deleting questions here. These are often questions that were quite interesting in their own right and received some good answers ...
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Unanswered Question on Which I Would Like Help

I am currently trying to solve a problem which has already been posted once here: Compute the Hilbert-Samuel function However the above link does not have any answers or comments at all, and I am far ...
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