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How to quote and link in a comment

Is there any easy way to quote in a comment? You can quote in a question or an answer easily. Just put ">" in front of the quoted statements. However, this does not work in a comment. Similarly you ...
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How to format links in comments

I wonder how to provide nice links in comments, similar to the links in the question/answers. I tried <a href="link">link description</a> and ...
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Carets stop hyperlinks working.

The caret symbol, ^, stops hyperlinks working, a phenomenon usually seen in links to Wolfram Alpha. The [description](hyperlink) form: this works, produced by [this works](
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Creating a Hyperlink in a Comment Box

I am not sure if this has been asked before. Could anyone teach me how to create a hyperlink in a comment box? Posting URL's (especially those that are very long) seems to be a very ugly way of ...
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How do I link to a question in another question or in comments section?

I have read this question How do I reference another question and is it OK to post a question as a comment/answer on another question that relates to that question. but I do not think it addresses my ...
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