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How to avoid draft formatting issues that are only solvable with a save of the question (before the question is finished for publication) [duplicate]

The solution for Firefox now is to install the SiteMacro Extension for (Ubuntu) Firefox, and to have the macro map to the edit button. Each time now that the site reloads, it automatically goes into ...
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MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference

(Deutsch: MathJax: LaTeX Basic Tutorial und Referenz) To see how any formula was written in any question or answer, including this one, right-click on the expression and choose "Show Math As > ...
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MathJax 2.6 beta

Today we are entering the public beta phase of MathJax v2.6 beta. We are asking you to try out the new output. Be aware, this one will offer a new set of fonts. I will allow Peter Krautzberger to ...
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The scope of \newcommand is the entire page

LaTeX on this site supports \newcommand and \renewcommand. This is very nice, but I noticed that the scope of these definitions ...
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Can one use Stack Exchange to render mathematical equations for personal use?

Is it ok to use the "body" part (of questions and answers) to render LaTeX equations for personal use? In other words is it OK to use it as a LaTeX editor-compiler for non Stack related ...
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Striking out equations [duplicate]

I wanted to strike out a part of an answer which I wrote earlier here. I tried using <s> </s>. This helps in striking out the text but the last two ...
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Mathjax 2.4 beta

We have deployed the latest Mathjax 2.4 beta on Math.SE. As with any beta release please post an answer to this question if you find any issues. We will be monitoring this thread closely along with ...
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How to make a remark when reputation is under 50 ?

Imagine I look at a question and have a remark about someone's answer, or just want some clarification about it. I naturally want to leave a comment. But being under reputation 50, I can't. Plus, ...
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What happens if exceed character limit in comments?

I am aware that for comments we have maximum of 600 characters to type and by curiosity I just happened to type some random words in a comment box. I expected that when comment exceeded 600 characters ...
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Are picture environments not allowed in MathJax?

In a WordPress blog post of mine I used the following LaTeX code: ...
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Why does @someone sometimes disappear from comments?

I find the following occurring bug weird. When I post a comment I start with @someone. But for some reason this does not always get into the text. I get no error message but it is not there. In ...
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Spurious space within number

In this comment, the penultimate number in the list, $59930$, is displayed (in Firefox $11.0$) with a spurious space between the two $9$s. I made sure I hadn't inadvertently pasted any invisible ...
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MathJax bug upon page refresh

When entering this answer, everything looks good. Editing and saving also work fine. However, when I refresh the page I get $\color{red}{\textit{[Math Processing Error]}}$ for the line tagged $(3)$. ...
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"Big" TeX won't get hidden by `!>`?

I just posted an answer here but I am finding it impossible for >! to work with the \begin{align} environment. How can this ...
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\varnothing does not work

I created a question with \varnothing to denote empty set. In the preview it played nice, but on the question page \varnothing was replaced with \emptyset for some mysterious reason. Why \varnothing ...
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