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Should chat have TeX support?

OK, so chat is now available... but; it has been suggested that for Mathematics we should have TeX support. The current TeX processing has some non-trivial client impact. Before I even attempt trying ...
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List of chatrooms

This is a place where we could collect list of chat rooms associated with this site. There are several rooms which have potential to be useful if more users were aware of them or more users visited ...
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How to grab users' attention on an old question?

Unfortunately, I haven't figured out whether this question is appropriate here. So I'm sorry if it is not. But nevertheless, here it is. For example, I have a question. A problem, or maybe a piece of ...
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Is it good, if I insert my problem on public chat to get more attention?

I've doubt on some questions. I've worked with these with my best, when I'm not satisfied with my solution or if there were any ambiguity. I've tried to edit, set bounty etc., then I've got some ...
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Politeness in Chat

Recently I have noticed that have been some issues/arguments going on in the mathematics chat room between certain users. Sometimes the arguments get overboard and become personal, some of the things ...
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User invites several community members to chat separately about same topic

There is something of a canonical thread Main chatroom etiquette rules about proper use of a chatroom, although a narrow reading might apply it only to the "main" Mathematics chatroom. It doesn't ...
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Is it appropriate to ask for possible downvote sources on Mathematics Meta?

I recently received a downvote for an answer I gave, but I am unsure of the cause. I would like to ask for a possible explanation of the downvote on Mathematics Meta SE, but I am unsure of the policy ...
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I haven't been around for a while; what are the new policies I need to know in order to use the site?

I haven't used this site for a while (years); just busy with other things. A screenshot of my rating chart I've constantly been on Stack Exchange, but seldom on Math.SE (and virtually never on Math....
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Posting question on chat

Is it okay to post any asked question link in mathematics chat room to get attention, and get answer soon? I was thinking if I had did some thing wrong by posting in chat room to get answer.
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The Syntax of Chatting

Noob question. Over in the Mathematics.SE chat area, when the equations and terms posted are more complicated than, say, "sqrt(-1)" or " X^y," they are often in a shorthand, which seems like a ...
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