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What to do if my question is very similar to another but isn't answered there? [duplicate]

I have a doubt about the following: Suppose I want to ask some question, but Math.SE already has one that is very similar (say 90% similar). The chances that my question will be closed as duplicate ...
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Can I ask a duplicate question? [duplicate]

Can someone ask a question that has already answers (has been asked)? One reason of asking a duplicate question is: the OP does not understand the answers provided already.
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Is it appropriate to ask more details in a question asked years ago which was not even my question? [duplicate]

So I wanted to ask a question but it was already explained and answered earlier however I want to ask further as a new question would be a duplicate.So is it appropriate to ask on a question active ...
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List of chatrooms

This is a place where we could collect list of chat rooms associated with this site. There are several rooms which have potential to be useful if more users were aware of them or more users visited ...
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Is it appropriate to ask "dumb" questions.

As I found, most people asking really smart questions. But what if I have a "dumb" question. When I simply don't understand something or even don't understand some answers. More specifically, can I ...
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A question on an answer made by a user who is no longer active

I saw an answer in a old thread that I do not understand. I made a comment yesterday asking the user to explain a particular step. But I realize now that the thread is old and the user is no longer ...
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Does that count as defacement?

I noticed that there is a recent habit of a particular user to edit old questions and add his own questions on the topic instead of opening a new question. I suppose that this is a precaution to ...
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Is it okay to comment on others' answers for asking for explanation?

I often find myself waiting on the homepage of, searching if there's a question I can answer. However, if I find a question (not posted by me), which is interesting for me, then ...
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Suggestions for examples of well-asked questions

I am posting this question as a place where we could collect various examples of good questions together with explanations what makes them good. (Feel free to choose the format you like best. I will ...
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What to do if my question is already made?

Suppose I have a question that is already made, but it has been there from a long time and without no answer. If I want to bring that question to the top as every new question by users, the only way I ...
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Old Questions that Answer Your Own

I was about to ask a question on the Mathematics page when I noticed it had already been asked(3 months ago). I looked at it and found the answer didn't clarify the situation for me. Do I post my own ...
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What to do when one wants to "revive" a question

Prior to posting a question on MSE, I often find a similar question that's been asked, but doesn't have a solution I'm looking for or the solutions are written for a more mathematically mature person ...
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Does our site need a blog like a few sites on the network have?

Does our site need a blog like a few sites on our network have? To me this question is a compact version of the following sub-questions: What do we use the blog for, if we had one? TeX. SX has a ...
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How to deal with a case where one answer says "there is no solution possible" and another answer shows one?

In this question the OP asks for a solution for the problem: Find all $f(x)$ satisfying $ f(f(x)) = x^2-2$. One answer squarely states, that no solution exists (and even gives a reference to a ...
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Reasking a MathOverflow question

I have basically the same question to ask as this MathOverflow question. I have seen what Tyler says there - I've been playing with it for a few days and unable to work it all out. I thought about ...
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