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List of chatrooms

This is a place where we could collect list of chat rooms associated with this site. There are several rooms which have potential to be useful if more users were aware of them or more users visited ...
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Duplicate question doubt

I want to know an answer and concept of a question but it's similar version has been asked about 4 times before atleast 3 to 4 years ago. I have been unable to understand the answer given as well as ...
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how and where you can ask for clarification of a complicated answer

I don't fully understand this answer, how and where is it better for me to ask a question with a request to explain?
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If I have a question that has already been answered, but I don't understand the answer and the thread seems to be dead, how do I ask?

My post here was closed. I have the same question as another user but I do not understand the accepted answer. To me, it appears incomplete. It is missing details which I do not know how to fill in. ...
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If you had a question about someone's answer to not your question, is it better to comment or make a new question?

If you had a question about someone's answer to not your question from 7 years ago by an active user, is it better to comment or make a new question? The problem is they have no incentive to answer ...
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How do I ask questions about a person's answer?

For the post Fundamental group of projective plane is $C_{2}$???, I think there is a mistake in Amos Joshua's answer: If you rotate the 1 2 loop, it will no longer be connected to the 3 4 loop, and a ...
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Suggestions for examples of well-asked questions

I am posting this question as a place where we could collect various examples of good questions together with explanations what makes them good. (Feel free to choose the format you like best. I will ...
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What to do when I don't understand an answer and author don't reply?

What to do when I don't understand an answer and author don't reply? Solve for x $ \sin 30° \sin x \sin 10° = \sin 20° \sin ({80°-x}) \sin 40° $ So someone answered my ...
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Duplicate question with a not satisfying answer

What should I do if I have a question that's been already asked and answered years ago but I don't get the answer? Should I ask a new question and link the old one?
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Can I ask a question for clarification of an answer?

Suppose that I received a somehow terse answer or an answer which is a little bit beyond my level, and that I would like to understand the answer in some more detail. Is it appropriate to ask a ...
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Referencing answer given on SE

Recently I asked the math.SE community my first question (link), after a few minutes an experienced used resolved my issue with a smooth answer. But my problem is that this question was derived from ...
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Closing Questions for Low Reputation Users

Today I found myself in a bit of a discussion (if I'm being honest, it seemed more like an argument) with a user who closed a question. I am reasonably new to contributing to the site, and the user ...
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A question on an answer made by a user who is no longer active

I saw an answer in a old thread that I do not understand. I made a comment yesterday asking the user to explain a particular step. But I realize now that the thread is old and the user is no longer ...
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How should I respond to old questions that I find but don't fully answer what I'm looking for?

I seem to find a lot of older questions that address what I wish to ask (and seem to be answered) but do not completely clarify an answer to my question. I don't want to start a new one just to ...
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Number of links in the question

How many links to the other MathSE questions may I put in my question? Is it allowed to make with these links a context for the given question?

15 30 50 per page