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Closing Questions for Low Reputation Users

Today I found myself in a bit of a discussion (if I'm being honest, it seemed more like an argument) with a user who closed a question. I am reasonably new to contributing to the site, and the user ...
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How do I reference another question and is it OK to post a question as a comment/answer on another question that relates to that question.

A quick meta question, if I have a question that relates to another question, as this one does, do I post it as a comment? If not, how do I reference this question in my question? Thanks.
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What to do with old questions whose only 'complete' answerer gives no clarification?

I've had a few questions where I only received one response, and while they answered my question (at least partially), I had some doubts about it, and left a comment (while upvoting, but not accepting ...
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How do I ask questions about a person's answer?

For the post Fundamental group of projective plane is $C_{2}$???, I think there is a mistake in Amos Joshua's answer: If you rotate the 1 2 loop, it will no longer be connected to the 3 4 loop, and a ...
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Not understanding the answer to a question, make a new question?

I may not be good at using the search feature, so I couldn't find a duplicate of this. Question: If I do not understand the answer to one of my questions, and the answerer disappears(or he has been ...
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What to do when there are conflicting answers and I still don't know the correct answer to a question?

I want to know the answer of an already posted question. I did this(following link) and supposedly I was wrong. What to do? What is the correct answer to this answered combinatorics problem?
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Question from years ago

I have the exact same question as this :Sum of projections This was asked in 2011- I have asked my own question about it in the comments (you can see the comments) but sadly the original asker is ...
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Bounty or new question?

Suppose, I need a clarification on a question. Should I place a bounty on the question I need clarification on and ask the answerers to make their post more informative or should I post another ...
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Am I breaking the community rule?

If I have a question which has been posted here in MSE before, and if, after following the hints give by someone there I still got stuck, can I post the problem again without getting branded as "...
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If I have a question that has already been answered, but I don't understand the answer and the thread seems to be dead, how do I ask?

My post here was closed. I have the same question as another user but I do not understand the accepted answer. To me, it appears incomplete. It is missing details which I do not know how to fill in. ...
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Referencing answer given on SE

Recently I asked the math.SE community my first question (link), after a few minutes an experienced used resolved my issue with a smooth answer. But my problem is that this question was derived from ...
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Duplicate question with a not satisfying answer

What should I do if I have a question that's been already asked and answered years ago but I don't get the answer? Should I ask a new question and link the old one?
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how and where you can ask for clarification of a complicated answer

I don't fully understand this answer, how and where is it better for me to ask a question with a request to explain?
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Number of links in the question

How many links to the other MathSE questions may I put in my question? Is it allowed to make with these links a context for the given question?
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Can I ask a question for clarification of an answer?

Suppose that I received a somehow terse answer or an answer which is a little bit beyond my level, and that I would like to understand the answer in some more detail. Is it appropriate to ask a ...
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