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Question about questions on topics

If I have a question related to an already asked question, but I want clarification, how should I go about asking this? Should I make a new question? Thank you
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Number of links in the question

How many links to the other MathSE questions may I put in my question? Is it allowed to make with these links a context for the given question?
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Referencing answer given on SE

Recently I asked the math.SE community my first question (link), after a few minutes an experienced used resolved my issue with a smooth answer. But my problem is that this question was derived from ...
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Am I breaking the community rule?

If I have a question which has been posted here in MSE before, and if, after following the hints give by someone there I still got stuck, can I post the problem again without getting branded as "...
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Duplicate question with a not satisfying answer

What should I do if I have a question that's been already asked and answered years ago but I don't get the answer? Should I ask a new question and link the old one?
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How can I comment in a answer which the owner doesn't exist anymore?

My question is very simple, I'm trying to understand this answer and I would like to ask to the answerer more details how to prove it and what he means by reduce module $g$, the problem is the user is ...
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What to do when I don't understand an answer and author don't reply?

What to do when I don't understand an answer and author don't reply? Solve for x $ \sin 30° \sin x \sin 10° = \sin 20° \sin ({80°-x}) \sin 40° $ So someone answered my ...
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Duplicate question doubt

I want to know an answer and concept of a question but it's similar version has been asked about 4 times before atleast 3 to 4 years ago. I have been unable to understand the answer given as well as ...
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how and where you can ask for clarification of a complicated answer

I don't fully understand this answer, how and where is it better for me to ask a question with a request to explain?
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Can I ask a question for clarification of an answer?

Suppose that I received a somehow terse answer or an answer which is a little bit beyond my level, and that I would like to understand the answer in some more detail. Is it appropriate to ask a ...
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Alternatives to "Necro-Followups"?

Hi All: I have asked a few "necro-followups" , i.e., followup questions , as comments, to questions that have been answered a few months, some times even years back. I have done this in part to avoid ...
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Can I ask a duplicate question? [duplicate]

Can someone ask a question that has already answers (has been asked)? One reason of asking a duplicate question is: the OP does not understand the answers provided already.
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If you had a question about someone's answer to not your question, is it better to comment or make a new question?

If you had a question about someone's answer to not your question from 7 years ago by an active user, is it better to comment or make a new question? The problem is they have no incentive to answer ...
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How should I respond to old questions that I find but don't fully answer what I'm looking for?

I seem to find a lot of older questions that address what I wish to ask (and seem to be answered) but do not completely clarify an answer to my question. I don't want to start a new one just to ...
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Is it appropriate to ask more details in a question asked years ago which was not even my question? [duplicate]

So I wanted to ask a question but it was already explained and answered earlier however I want to ask further as a new question would be a duplicate.So is it appropriate to ask on a question active ...
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