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Can we please be more generous to elementary beginners?

This question: Given that $\arctan(1/5) + \arctan(1/8) = \arctan(1/p)$, how to find the value of $p$? (now deleted again) was originally closed as "off-topic". Here is the original title: ...
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Referring users to other forums: if and when.

Many new users do things that are contrary to the culture at MSE. They ... ask in the imperative (often thanks to, ask too often, haven't "tried" anything (besides registering ...
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What's the deal with naming names?

Asaf's comment ("No Names policy") on a meta question of mine has kept me wondering: When is it appropriate to identify a user for the purpose of discussion? What benefit is there to a "No Names"...
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Downvoting newbie user's questions

I found this post today. Yeah, I agree that this question has been asked many times before but isn't 9 downvotes for a new user a bit too intense? I think mass downvoting newbies will only harm the ...
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CFV: Proposal for standardized meta-comments, to avoid main-site meta discussions

Below is a sketch of a proposal I devised for handling the problem of rambling contentious meta-level discussions on the main site. The basic idea is to have a list of standardized community-elected ...
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Why are people voting down questions of new comers?

If their question lacked an attempt or any details, we could just tell them couldn't we? Why not vote down only those questions which either can't be understood or are off topic? Are people trying to ...
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What's the policy of SE on a question like this?

A really poor-formatted question was being asked on the main site. I honeslt was tempted to flag it as spam! Do we need to perform large edit on a question like that as it has been done, or is it ...
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