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List of Generalisations of Common Questions

Here is a list of generalised faqs to which other questions may be deduped against, split by topic (please edit the question). Arithmetic arithmetic Laws of signs (minus times minus is plus): Why is ...
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A community blog for Math.SE

Starting a community blog has been proposed a couple of times, to a fair amount of support, but nothing has ever gotten off the ground. StackExchange already has a platform for site blogs, and a ...
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List of other mathematics resources for the FAQ

In response to this thread, I am starting a thread to compile other online mathematics-related sites to give people places to look before asking a question. These should be included in the FAQ like ...
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Community Blog FAQ

UPDATE: The Math Community Blog is no longer active. This post now serves as historical record. After a long string of posts on developing a community blog, I am happy to announce that MSE now ...
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Clarify an old answer

Today I went to ask a question, but I discovered that somebody else had already asked the exact same thing. Goody for me, right? Well, the trouble is, the question got several answers, but I don't ...
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Would "organizer posts" be useful/welcome here?

I believe that question/answer of this form: Q: Is there an online repository of basic identities/results about topic X? A: Many of such identities can be found with the proofs at math.SE, I'll give ...
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SE site for "interesting mathematics"

It was recently asked on the MO meta whether it was ok to post interesting bit of mathematics one had stumbled across on MO (
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Compiling an introductory resource for (say) Abstract Algebra, from MSE answers.

A recent answer to an elementary question on group theory reminded me of a proposal that I thought I had seen somewhere on MSE (#), but maybe it was just a passing comment in chat... Would the site ...
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Should full solutions be given (indiscriminately of the question being homework or not)?

Meta seems to bee filled with questions on this particular subject, and I have seen eloquent and convincing arguments from both sides, but the thing that leaves me ambivalent towards leaving full ...
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Is the M.SE blog dead?

I was thinking of writing a post for the blog, and found the FAQ. It links to a blog chat room which is dead, and it is entirely unclear whom to contact about writing posts.
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Is there a place on this site to put our articles?

Is there a place on this site to put our articles? Another question: does this site have a resources page? Like AoPS resources page, I mean.
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How do we get a blog?

Many other sites have blogs. How can we get a blog?
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Reference Textbooks at one place

Can anybody recommend me a topology textbook? Introductory book on Topology Best book for topology? Choosing a text for a First Course in Topology All these are multiple ...
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