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Where is the fine line between using and misusing?

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that we have a no-names policy on the meta. However due to recent events I am sorry to be the one to break it on such a delicate topic. Willie tried to do it without ...
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Is it bad to edit your own answer several times?

I often need to edit my answers several times to fix errors or maybe to answer more directly the questions asked. But each time I edit my answer, the post will get a bit higher in the top questions ...
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How much editing is too much?

Occasionally there are questions in dire need of editing. Often, I wonder, how much editing is too much? Specifically I am refering to this MSE thread. I felt my first edit was quite aggressive, ...
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Downvoting for a perfectly legitimate question just because one thinks the OP is misbehaving in other threads

One member wrote this is a very proper reason to downvote. He even implied that it is a very proper reason for voting to close. And he actually did vote to close, for example, as shown in this thread( ...
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Is too much self editing frowned upon?

I have found myself re-editing quite a bit until I feel a question is right, either I got things wrong (oops) or just get in a perfectionist mode, and have wondered what happens whenever I press the <...
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Why my questions were turned into community wiki

My two questions were turned into CW: Question 1 and Question 2 I looked through a previous related question here, and guessed it might be because I edited my posts too many times (>10)? Because I ...
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Overboard editing of answers?

After reading a question and providing an answer on math stack exchange, I often find myself thinking about it from time to time and making more progress on a fuller understanding of the issues/...
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Ask not what MSE can do for you but ask what you can do for MSE!

What needs to get done around here? Are we putting our farmers to good use? Let's say I was of the mind to spend some time doing mindless hygiene on our site: what would be a good use of my time? ...
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Why is a sandbox needed?

Sandbox for drafts of long, complex posts provides a place for people to work on a question or answer that might take a long time to compose. I'm not clear on the reason for this, especially with the ...
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How to bring an answer to attention?

I've recently asked a question. After a day I thought I found an answer to my question, though I wasn't sure. Therefore, I posted it as an answer in the hope that I would get feedback from the ...
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Proposed new solution to having unwanted noise and unfairly exposed questions again after editing on this site as to not decrease the site quality.

It has been noticed that when editing my own posts, that I sometimes get annoyed with a small wrong detail in a post that I then do a 5 character or less edit. Here is proof of this causing trouble ...
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Should I fix trivial typos in my old posts? [duplicate]

I thought this definitely would have been asked before, but I searched and couldn't find it. I was looking at one of my questions I asked a while ago and I realised a very minor typo in it. Actually, ...
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Editing a post for activity [duplicate]

Is it acceptable to edit a post (adding a random comma, adding more spaces, etc.) just for the sake of activity? It could be used to draw more attention to the post since it comes to the top of the ...
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