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What's to be done about a wrong answer that is not edited or deleted? [duplicate]

Federico Fallucca's answer here contains an error Set of branch points isn't discrete, but branch points are isolated? as pointed out by Moishe Kohan what is written about branch points is plain ...
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Is it in the Moderator's Job Description to patrol for correctness?

A user flagged a comment of another user, with the specific request to delete the other user's comment because it is "factually incorrect". Now, I'm inclined to just ignore flags like this, as I've ...
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Wrong answer is not corrected/deleted

Sorry, this was most probably asked before in some form, but I haven't managed to find the original. Let me describe a hypothetical situation related to this question. User $A$ posts a simple ...
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How to flag kook answers?

What is the correct flag to use when an answer is pseudo-math? For example almost every question about Cantor's diagonal proof gets an answer from someone who believes that the reals are enumerable. ...
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Capture the Flag: FAQ on Flagging

What is flagging for moderator attention? How does the flagging process work? What are the different flags, and what are they useful for?
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Is sometimes keeping wrong answer reasonable?

My memory might be fooling me, but I believe I have seen comments or discussions an meta regarding this matter. I am unable to find it now, so I will ask about your opinion. If I answer some question ...
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Is it OK to flag an accepted answer because contains a significant, conceptual error?

In this question: What does $dx$ mean? someone asked what the "$dx$" in an indefinite integral meant. In one of the answers, which was accepted, the answer began by saying "Formally, $dx$ does not ...
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Should I flag an answer if the answer is wrong?

I am referring to this flag I raised- The answer should have been deleted, apart from being downvoted. For this purpose, couldn't I flag? These types of answers (from high rep. users) lower the ...
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Flagging Fake Answers

There are one or two users that I have come across who continually and persistently post fake answers. Why do I say fake? Because they always do one of the following: Give a mathematically completely ...
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Found an incorrect yet accepted and upvoted answer

This answer claims that eigenvalues of a matrix are preserved under elementary row operations. It has two upvotes and it is an accepted answer. I came across it while searching related topics on ...
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Deletion of on-topic answers only because they contain mathematical errors.

Are mathematical errors in an answer that is otherwise reasonable and on-topic ever a sufficient reason for users (other than the answer-author) to delete that answer? For a recent answer, the ...
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If not flagging, how to dispute incorrect answers?

I was browsing the top sequences-and-series questions for fun and stumbled upon this problem, where the only answer is incorrect (the user misconstrued the problem and tiled $[0,1]^2$ with rectangles ...
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What if potential errors in an answer are pointed out in comments but not addressed?

I was told " flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer" and then I found Don't flag wrong answers? A claim here made by a user named Neal, asked ...
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What to do with blatantly false answers?

Recently, I came across this answer to an old question, which attempts to prove Fermat's Last Theorem (edit: the answer has now been deleted). It takes almost no effort to see why the argument there ...
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What to do about answers that don't answer the question, excepting downvotes?

Please clarify what can be done by people with low reputation points? I'm questioning about answers which don't answer the question, not questioning if the math is correct in these posts. Some of ...
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