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Who should be pinged by the "@<user>" feature if there is more than one match

Recently in the main site, I visited the users tab, and there I searched for "Subhadeep Dey", and it showed two results, this one and my own profile, and in both the cases, the username is totally ...
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Users with the same name. Is this possible?

Is it possible to exist many users with the same name? (In a particular case, one registered 1 year ago, and other recently.)
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Nonunique usernames?

I just took a look at the users-page. I am surprised that we can have a couple of users with the same username. Is that by design/wanted or a bug? Or something else? See userpage for "math" Note: I ...
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If several people use the same username, how do you ping just one of them? [duplicate]

I want to get someone's attention by using the @username feature. But I noticed that several people use the same username. So how does that work?
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