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Voting to close a question because one thinks it is extremely specialised

My question was recently voted to be closed. One member said it was because the question is extremely specialised. I don't think it is extremely specialised. It's a criterion of a prime being ...
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What qualify questions to be in mathoverflow and not in math.stackexchange?

I have read that is only for the very advanced mathematics, such as upper graduate level or research level, counter to which is for any ...
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Why are there only three sites to which a question can be migrated?

In voting to migrate a question, I am allowed only three sites to which it might be migrated:,, In particular, ...
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I found MO has been included in SE network today

Is it okay to cross post questions on MO and MSE anymore? How about ask a question on MSE after posting on MO but not getting answers, or vice versa?
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Upper Bound for Difficulty of Questions on Math.SE

I know that there has been previous discussion about the inappropriateness of certain questions for, such as questions pertaining to elementary notions of compactness or ...
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questions asked simultaneously on other SE sites

I noticed today that a used had asked the same question both on math.SE and on cs.SE (see and https://...
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Exact duplicates of questions posted on MO

I wonder why we can't declare a question posted on MSE (like this) an exact duplicate of a question posted on MO (like this) and viceversa? (I'd find it useful if we could do this.)
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MathOverflow 2.0 is a-comin'!

Not a question; more of a notification. For those who are unaware, MathOverflow is upgrading to the "new" StackExchange platform. A recent update on Anton Geraschenko 3 ...
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Since when does MathOverflow become one of SE family? [closed]

I am really sorry, it has been a while since I am back on Math.SE, and since when when does MathOverflow become one of SE family? Won't Math.SE and MathOverflow overlap each other?
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Moderator Supported (Official) Guidelines for "Legitimate" CrossPosting?

I recently posted a question in stats/cv that could just as easily be posted here. As a matter of fact, it feels like it should be in both places! I've searched meta and have seen some related ...
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Is there a way to decrease cross-posting issues?

I know there are tons of meta questions about cross-posting already. This question isn't about the cross-posting etiquette per se. It might just be a personal bias or the questions I tend to click on, ...
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Can questions be "shared" within sites?

Most questions on Math.SE clearly belong on this site, while others are perhaps better answered elsewhere. But there are questions that, it seems to me, really fit well in more than one site. An ...
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When migrate a question to Mathoverflow?

I have some questions that received some upvote but no answer in many months. For someone of these I've started a bounty, but without success (one example was: Multitangent to a polynomial function, ...
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Why can't Math StackExchange questions be flagged as belonging in a site other than math meta, stats, or physics? [duplicate]

I have noticed a few questions that don't belong on math StackExchange, math meta, stats StackExchange, or physics StackExchange. I cannot flag them as belonging in another site, so I just post a ...
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What is a research level math question? (Ie what types of questions should be asked on MathOverflow and not here?) [closed]

I have some questions about material I learned in a graduate level mathematics course which are largely conceptual, and/or requests for relevant theorems/results. However, in general I am not sure if ...
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