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How can I type the "isomorphic","not equal" and "the set of integers , rationals and reals" symbol? [duplicate]

How can I type the "isomorphic","not equal" and "the set of integers , rationals and reals" symbol ? What is the code ? $=$ means equal, how to write "not equal" What about real numbers, ...
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How to markup expression using sigma notation for sum in MathJax [duplicate]

I have had trouble trying to express a sigma sum formula. Please do not think I have been lazy, I have been lazy, it is just I have up attempting to work it out after over 2 hours (when my actual ...
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How to write plus-minus sign in MathJax? [duplicate]

Plus-Minus. Means a quantity of same magnitude can have either a positive or a negative value. As commonly found in square roots such as $$\sqrt[2]{625}= +-25$$. Here is an Wikipedia SVG-example ...
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Striking out equations [duplicate]

I wanted to strike out a part of an answer which I wrote earlier here. I tried using <s> </s>. This helps in striking out the text but the last two ...
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How to type greater than or equal to symbols? [duplicate]

What are the markups for such symbols?
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How to input matrices when posting questions at Math StackExchange? [duplicate]

I would like to post a question here in which I would like to insert a $2 \times 2$ matrix with entries $a$, $b$, $c$, and $d$, respectively, in the positions row 1 col. 1, row 1 col. 2, row 2 col 1, ...
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Number sets symbols in Mathjax [duplicate]

How can we write number sets symbols using Mathjax? For example what's the code for Natural numbers set? I couldn't find that in a vast of Mathjax help documents,and the only one I found doesn't work: ...
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How to show the integral symbol on this site? [duplicate]

On this question: How do I use substitution in integrals? there are examples of what I want. I just want to show integrals on my questions like that. How can I do it?
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where is the latex reference please [duplicate]

hi, There is a nice pretty markdown ref but no simple quick latex reference. I looked around in the faq and on meta. I also googled for some latex reference and some of it looks slightly different ...
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How to do formatting? [duplicate]

I need help with formatting like how to use logs, lims, superscripts and subscripts etc.
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Cannot find how to write infinity [duplicate]

I am new here. How do I write an infinity symbol above summation symbol. I do not know how to write formula on this site. How do I write series formula? I could figure out how to write summation, but ...
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Why are (most) spaces eliminated in \mathrm formatting? [duplicate]

Why does this: $\mathrm{The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.}$ result in this: $\mathrm{The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.}$ Note ...
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How to write mathematical symbols such as $\sum_{i=n}^\mathbb{N}$ with indices below/above the $\sum$ [duplicate]

I want to write: $\cup_{n \in \mathbb{N}}$, and $\sum_{i=n}^\mathbb{N}$. But I want them the index to be above and below the symbol, not to the side, how do I fix this?
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How to write powers ( exponents ) in a proper way? [duplicate]

I don't how to write the powers or the exponents and the other mathematical expressions
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How to type math symbols in this forum [duplicate]

How can I type math symbols in this forum, like set operators, etc.? If this question is repeated, I am sorry I just searched and couldn't find an answer. And could anyone give me hint to use Tags ...
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