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Formatting Sandbox

Basically the same as Formatting Sandbox in Meta Stack Exchange, but since this and Statistical Analysis are the only two sites (I know) supporting $\TeX$ formatting, I believe we also need one here ...
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How to put a math formula into a comment to a question on StackExchange

Is there a way to write math formulae in a comment to a question on StackExchange (Mathematics Meta). I'm sure this must have been asked before but my search didn't come up with anything (a reference ...
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List of comment templates

Inspired by this question on meta.cstheory.SE. The post at meta.Tex.SE is quite impressive. We often leave generic comments to OP and answer posters such as "if this is a homework, please add a tag," ...
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Inconsistency between markdown in comments and posts

There is an inconsistency between the Markdown for codeblocks in comments and the Markdown in Questions and Answers: it seems to me impossible to type \ (as in, ...
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How to write # in mathjax? [duplicate]

I am basically trying to write the above formula in mathjax but the # is causing errors in the code. How could I incoporate # as a symbol without errors?
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How to left align a series of equations in MSE [duplicate]

When I use Latex, I use the command "flalign" to left align a long series of equations extending over multiple lines. However, this doesn't work when I write something in MSE. How can I left ...
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I don't like the way my current question was treated. [closed]

Update: the main post is reopened. I don’t like the way my last question was treated. All terms I used are standard and I got downvoted to -4 with no relevant answer.
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User keeps posting questions with posted images, instead of writing the question themself.

It seems that a certain user is in the habit of posting questions (often homework) by cutting and pasting images instead of taking the time to write it out explicitly in MathJax. With more than three ...
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How to draw a commutative diagram?

Is it possible to draw a (simple) commutative diagram using MathJax? Amscd doesn't seem to work here on math.SE. M(N)WE: $$ \begin{CD} K(X) @>{ch}>> H(X;\mathbb Q);\\ @VVV @VVV \\ K(Y) @>{...
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How to ask a good question.

How to ask a good question. This thread has advice on the following aspects of writing a good question on this site. Each item in this list links to an answer below about that specific aspect of ...
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A suggestion to add to review queues ( First questions - Share feedback)

I suggest that you add this type of examples to review queues ( First questions - Share feedback) it will be much of help for the new users and the one who reviews the question, I know there is a ...
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Is there a shorter and more opinionated version of "How to ask a good question?" that we can direct new users to?

The advice in how to ask a good question is good, but reading through the whole thing takes a while and, IMHO, requires some familiarity with the site to interpret. It also presents the reader with ...
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Community Ads for 2021

September update: Community Ads are now live network-wide. All ads with a score of 6 or higher, or with a score of 4 or higher and no downvotes will be displayed (except for any that have a note from ...
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Where should I post my answer?

Yesterday I answered this question: What should be the technique applied here to get a equation of just $x$ to solve for $\cos x?$ At the time I answered, the question had some other answers. The ...
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How to write left superscripts

I can find nothing in the Mathjax tutorial about left superscripts, which are used for the set of functions with a given domain and codomain.

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