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What, when and will we migrate questions to MO 2.0?

It was announced on meta.MO that preparations are taking place for the migration of MO to the SE network. In particular this means that we will be able to migrate questions over there, and will ...
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Asking the same question on MSE and MO

Under what circumstances is it acceptable to post the same question on Math Stack Exchange and on Math Overflow? More specifically, I want to know if it is acceptable to duplicate the question if I ...
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questions asked simultaneously on other SE sites

I noticed today that a used had asked the same question both on math.SE and on cs.SE (see and https://...
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What to do about a not-fully-answered question that is too old to be migrated to an appropriate site

I had asked this question What is the "Principle of permanence"? 7 months ago and it was never fully answered (in particular the "how and why [the principle of permanence] has two ...
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Why is this question not appropriate to the site ? How could it be made appropriate?

This question , according to some users, is not appropriate to the site,...
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Questions with little traction here that could benefit from migrating to MathOverflow

I've asked three questions here on relatively advanced but esoteric math topics, yet the questions themselves aren't really research level. In each of them I'm seeking some sort of explanation for why ...
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Protocol for cross posting when question did not receive any response.

Recently I've posted a question asking for help to find a numerical optimization algorithm for a given problem. Here is the question Optimizing filtering and thresholding parameter before integrating ...
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Questions about tag-wikis at meta

I believe that if a question is correctly tagged, it may be very useful to all users of the site, since it makes finding questions much easier. Another advantage is that users can easily follow ...
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Migration from M.SE to M.O by OP

Can one migrate own question from to or Conversely? Could this be a help for moderators?
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Moving an unanswered question from MathOverflow

If I have a question unanswered in the MathOverflow for over three days, can I post it here to attract more attention? My question is: the (2,2,1) boundedness of a “product” operator. It is in ...
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Should I cross-post on MO?

About two months ago I asked this question on MSE and I have gotten no answers ever since. I also put some bounties on it and if I try to put more bounties on it I think I will lose some of my ...
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Can I ask this question here?

The question: Let $\mathcal{S}$ be the set of strings of length at most $100$, drawn from a finite alphabet $A$; for any $s \in \mathcal{S}$, $s = a_1 , . . . , a_{100}$ where each $a_j \in A$. Let ...
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Drawing attention to a question in another StackExchange site

I asked a question in CrossValidated Stack Exchange site because it deals with probability distributions. But it is a theoretical question (although I think it does not involve high-level maths). I am ...
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