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Is it okay if I only ask and read, and not answer [duplicate]

I usually only read questions and answers, or ask questions I have. I rarely ever answer, because most of the times, I don't feel qualified enough (read I have no idea what the question is talking ...
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Not answering questions(yet)

Since I've started using MSE, I've been waiting for that moment where I could contribute by means of answering questions. Everyday on this site, that moment seems farther and farther away. Whenever I ...
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Asking too many questions?

I'm just wondering if it's possible to be asking too many questions. I feel annoying and like a leech for only asking questions. I'm not advanced enough in math to answer most of the questions on this ...
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How do I contribute to the site?

Check my profile and you will know all I have done on this site in the past 2-3 months is ask some questions. I want to answer some questions and be of use on this site(where a lot of easy questions ...
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