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What do you think is the largest problem facing Math.SE today (July 2015)?

I think it can safely be said that Math.StackExchange (and MathOverflow and perhaps some of the sister sites on the SE network) are the best resources for (English-speaking) people with objective math ...
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Is there an MSE-like site that is more pleasant to work in? Or are there other solutions?

The Problem: It becomes more difficult to help people on a site in which there is mass closing of questions. And I am disturbed that a small group of people is engaged in trying to delete permanently ...
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Is it appropriate to downvote answers for the sake of deleting a question?

I have noticed that sometimes answers are downvoted in order to cause the automatic deletion of a question by the community user. In particular, there are closed questions with $1$-point answers - ...
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Reputation points for less elementary questions and answers are low

I've read yesterday in the meta section (by I don't remember exactly where) few comments about some recommendations to encourage less elementary questions and proofs by upvoting them. I have to ...
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A super easy way to get several gold badges

This is in response to this post: How to increase traffic to the site? This site rewards publicity generously. If you share a link to a question, and the link is clicked on by 1000 different IP ...
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How to increase traffic to the site?

First, a congratulatory news: at some point today, Mathematics.StackExchange became the 3rd largest site on SE network, by the number of questions posted. This is the first time an SE 2.0 site ...
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Why should I upvote questions?

My question is quite simple: When is one supposed to upvote questions? E.g. am I upvoting, because... I personally find the question interesting. I find the question helpful or I have gained new ...
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When someone gives you -2 points

How to find the reason for someone giving you a -2 for a previously answered question that had been given 10 points?
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Statistics on upvoting

Has there recently been statistically less upvoting than usual? I know I should answer questions for the love of it and not care about rep, but I've been sort of discouraged as of late. Out of my ...
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About up-votes.

Recently, meta has seen an uprising of questions related to downvotes/toxicity of the community etc. There are posts mentioning behaviour towards younger users, random downvotes etc. But I have seen ...
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How much research is considered as sufficient prior research before asking a question?

This question is an generalized version of my previous question on meta: For me there are two types of questions, 1. Conceptual, 2. Problem ...
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Should answers be ranked by reputation?

I have notice that sometime detailed answers by experience mathematicians are not getting the number of up-votes that it deserves. Take this question for example, prove that $(1 + x)^\frac{1}{b}$ is a ...
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A Fresh new solution to the problems of rep

(This is a reconstruction, also I've had a change of heart) I suggest that we replace the rep system with a system based on the average number of votes each user receives. For instance, in this ...
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What context was this question missing?

Why does $n = \lceil 1/\sqrt{x-1}\rceil+1 $ imply that $\frac{1}{n^2} < x-1$? Since this clearly doesn't require any complex 'context', the only reason I can think of for it getting closed is ...