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Is it bad form to ask the OP to officially accept your answer? [duplicate]

There are quite a few times that this has happened - the OP has clearly been satisfied with my answer (eg by saying thanks for the help) and has found it useful, but presumably doesn't know how the ...
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List of comment templates

Inspired by this question on meta.cstheory.SE. The post at meta.Tex.SE is quite impressive. We often leave generic comments to OP and answer posters such as "if this is a homework, please add a tag," ...
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Acceptability of asking a user (with a "low accept rate") to accept an answer

I saw a user post a question a few days back and saw their question history and noticed they have a low accept rate. It took me a while to realize that 2-3 posts of theirs have been answered by me (...
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Question on users that don't accept answers.

I've seen on several occasion that it is not considered wrong to ask a user if he/she could please accept an answer. For instance it is discussed here. My question is slightly though significantly ...
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User very rarely marks an answer as the accepted one [duplicate]

I have come across a user that very rarely accepts answers even though most of his questions have several answers, some of which are correct and address the user's question more than adequately. I ...
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