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Low-quality questions from younger students of mathematics.

An example of such a question Stigma and infity, I need help with a way to find an easy solution for ∑( 1 𝑛 ) ∞ 𝑛=1 = x More info on qeustion Hi So im doing year 9/10 now and if just been ...
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Don't review a first question by simply downvoting it or voting to close it

A fair amount of first questions are of very low quality. Even so, I think that it is not correct, when a user gets one such first post from the First Questions review queue, to simply downvote it or ...
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Suggestions for examples of well-asked questions

I am posting this question as a place where we could collect various examples of good questions together with explanations what makes them good. (Feel free to choose the format you like best. I will ...
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Quick beginner guide for asking a well-received question

Mean structure proposed I am writing this post for new users who don't have the time to read the full article of how to ask a good question. In this post, I will give my opinion of what structure ...
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Standard example of well asked question.

Is there any reasonable standard for the minimum effort we'd like to see before answering an otherwise rote question? I'm fairly new to this site (despite what my profile says, I really only started ...
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Please provide context. [duplicate]

First of all, whether you're a new user or a long-time contributor, welcome! Mathematics Stack Exchange welcomes learners and lovers of mathematics from all levels. You have been directed here ...
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Compile short list of links to model questions (by type)

This thread is opened for a compilation of exemplary questions of various types, that can be linked as models or advice on how-to-post. Here "exemplary" primarily means questions that are ...
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Should there be a model question tag?

Given the amount of material on the site now, I have previously asked questions about curating content better so it is more accessible. So this is an idea that may not work, but is designed to think ...
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Newcomer Tutorial

I've seen time and time again newcomers coming to this exchange who've clearly not read the rules on how to post a good question to this exchange. I'm unsure how feasible this would be to implement on ...
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