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Why do some users delete their questions after receiving an answer?

It has happened several times now that a question is deleted by its author a few minutes after I post an answer. I suspect it's because the question is a homework question and the user wants to ...
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People who ask homework questions and then remove them

It just happened (again) that someone removed a homework question after getting responses in comments. I realized this because the OP had responded to my comment before deleting the question, so that ...
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User insists in deleting his answered question

There are already a lot of questions here on Meta about users deleting their questions promptly after getting an answer. It happened to me twice this weekend. (I even thought they were the same user, ...
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Is there any way to see my deleted questions or answers?

Previously I deleted some of my questions, I wonder if there is a way to see (only) my deleted questions?
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Common problem: OP deletes question immediately upon receiving answer

I saw a question on this site and solved it and took a very long time to answer it after a lot of typing, and as soon as the asker saw the solution he/she deleted their question immediately. Is this ...
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What is the standard for upvoting an answer you don't know is correct?

Often, when I look at a question and answers, I come across a long, well-written answer to a difficult question. I may not have the expertise to verify the details of the answer, or I may have the ...
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Are there some tools to follow deletions on this site?

Main question: Are there some (reasonably easy to use) tools to follow deletions on site? In particular, are there some ways to find self-deleted questions? Are there some ways to see deleted content ...
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Homework user who deletes their questions - what to do?

A certain user posted a question today, received an answer (from myself), accepted the answer, then deleted the question sometime afterwards. I now find that a very, very similar question has popped ...
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Can I view all recent deletions, especially self-deleted questions?

A few minutes ago I put a comment on a question by asking where he found his problem. The problem was something along the lines of Diophantine $4 a^2 (...
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Closed questions being deleted and re-asked as new questions

This seems to be a phenomenon: Someone posts a question. Others ask them what they've tried / put the question on hold. The OP simply deletes the question, and re-asks it as a new question (and gets ...
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Question Deleted After Receiving Answer

This is another example of an OP deleting a question after receiving an answer. This has been discussed ...
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How to find the recently deleted questions in some section?

Today an user (I can't remember his username) have posted two interesting questions in the Commutative Algebra section, but these were not very well formulated, so he got few downvotes. Then he ...
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Deleted questions (or deleted user accounts)

Over the last year or two I have encountered a couple of times the situation that I answered a (possibly badly formulated) question on a topic I am expert in (the [gap] tag) as I felt that the ...
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What to do when OP deletes a question right after you have posted a correct answer [duplicate]

Just a moment ago I answered a basic question that involved finding the derivative of $\sin(1/x)$. A comment hinted at the chain rule, the likely best way of going about it. I took my time to spell ...
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A missing question in the list of recently deleted questions

I saw a topology question 15 minutes ago, and I had seen it somewhere else... In fact, the question asker self-deleted her own question and re-posted it. I would like to retrieve the URL of the self-...
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