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Apply the homework tag during routine editing? [duplicate]

When editing a new question, for grammar, punctuation, clarity, formulas, etc., is it appropriate to add the homework tag if your intuition is strong that it is homework? Please don't knee-jerk brand ...
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(homework) tag should be deprecated (Voting's over! You won't believe what won!)

Note. After over one month of discussion, and more than one week of voting, I think the community has decided. Leave the tag alone: 43 upvotes (20.38%) Consider the tag deprecated, but do not remove ...
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A Consolidated Homework Policy

A certain theme during the Town Hall Chat was on the question of a homework policy. The idea of such a policy is not new. As one user said in the chat, I liked Rob john's suggestion towards ...
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Discussion: what should we do about the increasing number of questions?

Let's try this again. For some reason I am not allowed to directly share this data (even though I think it is all accessible via, but let me tell you roughly how the number of ...
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Can we please stop asking "Is this homework?"

This is irritating and tedious, just put something about homework in the FAQ if it's necessary. If you don't want to just 'give people the answer' then treat all questions as if they are homework.
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What can users do to improve their Math.SE experience?

Some of recent discussions on meta revolved around various ways to deal with the growing number of questions posted on the site. For example: Is the interest in this community falling? Feature ...
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Is the interest in this community falling?

I am a relatively new user, but still I have been around here enough to see a change in my MS&E experience. As an "asker", I used to receive a lot of help here for my studies. I had made a habit ...
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Feature request: hide specific questions

I don't know when this happened, but the rate at which questions are being asked seems to have increased dramatically relative to the last time I frequently browsed math.SE. It is getting hard to ...
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Proper use of Homework Tag [closed]

I know from searching through the history here on meta that virtually every permutation of question regarding the [homework] tag has been discussed, but I could not find an answer to my question. ...
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(tutoring) tag proposal [closed]

It was requested that I introduce a separate question/proposal so that members of the community could discuss the practicality of a tag such as (tutoring) . I propose a (tutoring) tag that would ...
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Should we add the homework tag to a question? [closed]

If I see a series of questions that are clearly homework (from my class!!!), should I tag them as such? If so, what should I say in the summary so it doesn't get rejected?
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