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Create a list of my own questions. [duplicate]

I am planning to create manual solutions for some famous books in Analysis, Topology, Algebra which currently do not have available online solutions. I'd like to share those solutions on this site in ...
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A suggestion for dealing with users who post homework problems.

In this thread, Alex Bartel asks what I consider to be a question that is extremely important for our site. " people are more than willing to solve homework questions completely, even if they ...
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Large number of self-answered questions permissible?

I have some free time over the next month, and I was thinking of reviewing some material on Hilbert spaces and eventually learning about the associated spectral theory. (I never got to this when I ...
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Creating a solutions manual within a single math.SE question

Very recently the following "question" was posted on the main site Solutions to "Vakil - Foundations of Algebraic Geometry" exercises The purpose of this "question" is to create a ...
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Posting solutions to textbook exercises

I am fairly new to Stack Exchange, starting with I added a account to ask questions about my current self-study in Categorical Type Theory. Today, I posted a ...
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Categorizing homework questions with textbook information in a way that makes the site act like a solutions manual

I could imagine a system of categorizing the questions that would work alongside the current tagging system. If you select the "homework" tag (or some special tag or option), it would give you the ...
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Writing a solution manual for textbooks.

This question is similar to other questions asked on Math SE Meta, however it is distinct: this was never answered this, that, and other partially answer my question. So, I've done my research but I'...
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Is using subtags to identify book source appropriate for this site?

I want to suggest that there should be subtags named as a book of sources . For example, assume we have a subtag named as "finite group theory by Martin Isaacs ". By that way the questions asked ...
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"Hint book" for arbitrary books (Rudin, Hungerford, etc.)?

I am planning on completing all of chapter 3's questions for baby Rudin. Maybe we could collaborate and write a hint manual for all of the chapters (and no rush, at all - it is user-driven). This ...
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User asking exercises from textbook without so identifying

A user is copying verbatim exercises from my textbook, e.g., Local Feature Size, Describe Conv(A U B), Flip graph of point set, Expected number on the convex hull, etc. Is the MSE convention that he ...
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About collections of questions at SE which are "solution manuals" to some book

This is closely related to this question: Creating a solutions manual within a single math.SE question The difference is that I am asking about possibility of posting exercises from some book as a ...
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Is there any interest in a proof proofreading site?

I envision a site where people could post their proofs -- either as answers to textbook exercises or revisions of current textbook proofs -- and get feedback on which parts might need improving, and ...
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Would tags for specific books be appropriate?

I'm wondering if tags for example Durret's Probability book would be allowed. I think that when one is reading a book, it would be interesting what doubts other user had when reading the same book. ...
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