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Can we please be more generous to elementary beginners?

This question: Given that $\arctan(1/5) + \arctan(1/8) = \arctan(1/p)$, how to find the value of $p$? (now deleted again) was originally closed as "off-topic". Here is the original title: ...
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Three levels of Math

This is my first post on Mathematics Meta, I hope it is appropriate and not a duplicate. I do want to ask why there are only 2 levels of Math as MO and MSE but not a third one. MO is interested in ...
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Discussion: what should we do about the increasing number of questions?

Let's try this again. For some reason I am not allowed to directly share this data (even though I think it is all accessible via, but let me tell you roughly how the number of ...
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Fate of the (homework) tag: The community voted.... now what?

Well, the results of the voting seem pretty conclusive: Leave homework alone: 43 upvotes (20.38%) Deprecate but don't delete homework: 12 upvotes (5.69%) Burninate and blacklist homework: ...
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Concern about lesser attention towards relatively advanced questions

There have been some concerns regarding voting on and as has been pointed out there, this may have to do with increasing number of questions, e.g. some statistics here. In this post I wish to ...
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What is going on with undeletion lately?

Some questions have been undeleted that... frankly, shouldn't have been. 10k users can see the whole list here, but here they are for the pleasure of everyone else:
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What should be the role of *Welcome to MSE*?

When a constant stream of new users come to MSE and repeatedly flout policy, deluge the site with bad questions, write them as PSQs, post images instead of MathJax, then get them serially downvoted, ...
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Proposal for promoting more interesting, deeper questions

There was recently a (now-locked) thread about the prevalence of "do my homework" questions on I want to set aside for now the question about what to do about people posting homework ...
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Answers to basic questions which are too detailed

Often, users on this site ask very basic mathematical questions (in the order of what is the integral of a polynomial, or maybe a trigonometric equation which can be solved by looking up the ...
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Filtering tags/questions by subject *and* level of difficulty

Is there any way to filter questions by a certain number of subjects (e.g., real analysis and differential equations)? Additionally, is there a way to filter the questions by difficulty? The latter ...
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Has there been discussion about a Beginners sub-community?

It would provides a space for beginners to ask questions that may be "stupid" without spamming the serious forum. (Thus only those feeling particularly generous in a given moment would have to be ...
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Postgrad Mathematics

I've proposed an intermediate level site between Mathematics and Mathoverflow to see if there is any support for this at I think ...
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The ever rising barrier to entry of Mathematics SE

Recently, I have been going over the accounts of a few users (using since 2 years or more) here and sorting questions by newest. I found that, usually, most people's oldest questions or answers weren'...
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