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What's wrong with asking for the next term in a sequence? [duplicate]

I have the first few terms of a sequence, something like $3,5,7,9,11,\ldots$ or $1,2,4,7,\ldots$ or $2,4,8,16,32,\ldots$ or $1,6,3,4,45,186,\ldots$ I want to know what the next term is, or maybe ...
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Number-guessing, sum of all natural numbers and hot trend questions

I really think that "popular" questions are treated with inappropriate hostility here. Do I think that "What is the rule for constructing the sequence $3,4,6,10$?" is a mathematically interesting ...
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What to do about question that ask about the next term in the sequence?

I see a lot of questions like: What is the next term in the sequence 20,5,3,6,7,12, ... ? I think they are asked daily. They are generally closed, but can't we do anything to reduce the number of ...
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Do we need a FAQ question for "Guess what I am thinking" type of questions?

This question here: Interview riddle seems to have gotten a lot of views (perhaps by someone posting to reddit or something), with a lot of me too answers, leading to a protection. Such questions have ...
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Are these questions not about mathematics. If yes then is there any other site on SE network or outside SE where I can ask these type of question?

NOTE: Since my question is opened now so this meta question question doesn't make any sense. I am not changing most of the content of my question because it will invalidate the answer given. The ...
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Question Closed over a valid Tag

I posted a question , see and it was immediately down voted and eventually closed. ...
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Can we reopen question about predicting next number in a sequence?

Predict next number from a series was closed recently, amid a number of comments to the effect that the next term could be anything, etc., etc. Unlike other questions that have been discussed before ...
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Orphan answer (worth saving?) to deleted question

A few minutes ago I started answering one of those "how does this sequence continue" question to which the standard answer is, essentially, "any way you like". The question was deleted while I was ...
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What to put in the FAQ (the "on-/off-topic" section)?

Currently, we can modify the FAQ, but only half a section: Therefore, most of the [faq-proposed] cannot be applied so far. It was recommended we just include the ...